My cat is getting fat, is she fat?

Animals are the best company that humans can possess. between them, the the cats They are some of the most likable people among many who have to worry the most about their well-being. he Weight in these pets can be decisive When it comes to caring for the health of the species. There have already been cases where cats weigh more than they should, but some suffer overweight which could be harmful to them.

study conducted by Pet Obesity Prevention Association Decide that 61% of the cats They were classified as overweight or obesity by 2022 in the United States. illness

the social normalization of weight gain in animals company in real life In videos on social networks or in many famous films that make us not pay enough attention to this disease. this It makes us think she’s funny And forgetting how dangerous this disease is to their health.

How do you know if you are overweight?

We should know that There are some keys to select the body condition and accumulation of fat in our pets. These are the three keys:

  • look at me Our cat From the top, we should note that the waist circumference is smaller than from the rib cage.

  • Look at the ribs and Be able to feel the hands well.

  • the the cats They have a stock of fat that shouldn’t be hanging around When we see it from the side.

What are the most common causes of obesity?

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affects the qualityFor the food that is usually in most of times concentrated in calories And with a lot carbohydrates. castration, age, genetic, intake of medications or different Endocrine problems are some of the risk factors that lead to Cats are overweight or obese.

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This too will be affected by type cat. If a cat lives in nature He will hunt during the day, therefore You will move more often. However, the cats They live indoors It has limited movement, therefore They move less And they have more votes to be obese.

Food for obese cats

  • Collecting Diet with physical activity. We should do this forever, no When we find out that our cat is overweight.

  • Follow instructions visible quantity on labels every feed And don’t give it more or put it down It amounts to looking at our pet.

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