Cat – Dog | Basenji, the world’s easiest dog-shaped cat to take care of (and they don’t bark)

practical domestication dog started since More than 15,000 years and not like that, but result old wolves They started Get closer to human settlementsWhen they start to lose their fear of men.

This means that it was not really the man who domesticated the dog, but rather that the relationship emerged naturally and solidified over time.

The origin of dogs

but, Origin dog Uncertain and experts Do not agree on what it is.Some say that all dogs, Both domestic and wild They have a common ancestor in the small wolf of Southeast Asia. However, all pet dogs, regardless of breed or size, come from the same type: canis familiar.

Since then the number of dogs has reached In the houses did not stop growingAnd in Spain, the number of dogs increased from 6.7 million in 2019 to 9.3 in increase of 38%according National Association of Pet Food Manufacturers (Anfaac). According to this same data, dogs are animals most popular local in Spain, Followed by fish (7.9) and cats (5.9).

The most popular dog

And if in Spain The most popular dog last year It was a border collie, there is a breed became popular not only in our country, but also all over the world. This is the Basenji, a breed of dog native to eastern and central Africa, with a strange appearance, erect ears, and a curled tail. Its short, glossy coat can be black, brown, or tri-color. This breed is medium in size and weighs around 10-12 kg.

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Basenjis stand out for them Unique character. They are independent and stubborn dogs, but they are also loyal and affectionate towards their owners. They are often described as “cats in dog form” due to their reserved nature and propensity to Lick like cats. They are also known for not barking: instead from annoying barkingThey make a so-called howling sound yodel or yodel.

No genetic diseases

Additionally, basenjis are a particular type of dog easy to care for, Since they are relatively healthy, long-lived dogs: they are a breed that will not get sick If you live a more or less healthy lifesince Does not carry genetic diseases, unlike almost all other dog breeds. This is why one is enough good nutrition, Correct rest and relative exercise for exercise so that they live 12 to 14 years.

Basenjis are also popular with pet owners looking for a breed Smart and trainable dog. Although she can be stubborn and tough to train sometimes, They are very cunning and can quickly learn new commands and tricks. them too Excellent in dog sportsLike agility and tracking, and enjoy the mental and physical stimulation that training provides. They have an amazing ability to jump and climb, which makes them an especially athletic breed.

Short fur and almost hypoallergenic

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Finally, and although Basenji dogs are not completely hypoallergenic, they are It can be considered as such. Its fur is very short and does not part. That is why it is suitable for living with people who have it Mild allergy to dog hair.

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And it is not the only advantage of this breed The oldest on the planet: they don’t smell like most dogs either, they just lick themselves Like cats and maintain their vitality over timethat is, they will continue to run and jump gracefully Let them grow up

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