Lidl flower bouquets for less than 7 euros

Lidl is a supermarket chain that is sweeping across Spain for the variety of its products. Food, decor, homeware… The variety of what he sells is as wide as it is interesting. Indeed, among all that they offer us, it is difficult not to find what we need for our home.

The German chain has been reaping hit after hit for months, and when it doesn’t have it thanks to a drugstore product, it makes it with a beauty item or textile product. Or, as on this occasion, bouquets of flowers.

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Due to its proximity Halloween This coming Tuesday, November 1, when it is customary in Spain to bring flowers to deceased loved ones, Lidl has released a series of Packages priced between 3 and 7 euros.

The packages will be available for purchase in physical Lidl stores starting next Saturday, October 29, a few days before Halloween.

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