UV nail lamps produce carcinogenic mutagen

the Drying devices enamel UV nail polish Used to repair manicures In jelly can represent A larger public health problem than previously thoughtSince this was discovered by researchers from the University of California, San Diego, in the United States Its use causes cell death and DNA mutations It can cause cancer.

Researchers Compare risks With tanning machines that They have powerful filters that emit ultraviolet radiation With a spectrum can be equal less than used in nail dryers. In the case of using cabins UVA sun tan It has been sufficiently and conclusively proven scientifically, It is carcinogenic But the spectrum used In nail dryers has not yet been studied.

DNA damage to the remaining cells

the UV exposure also caused damage Mitochondria and DNA of the remaining cells and cause mutations With patterns that can be seen in the skin cancer in humans. If you look at the road These devices are presented It is marketed as safe and nothing to worry about.” Ludmil AlexandrovProfessor of Bioengineering and Cellular Medicine.

Indeed, during the study Examination of patients with skin cancer And I saw “exactly” the same thing mutation patterns in those patients who observed in irradiated cells.

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the Researchers warn about thisalthough the results show that the Adverse effects from frequent use of these devices in human cells, An epidemiological study will be needed In the long run before confirmation Conclusively that the use of these machines increases risk of skin cancer.

It is worth continuing to use this technique

A number of previous reports from Cancers that affect people who undergo nail surgery in jelly often, Draw a picture of a purely cosmetic procedure It is more dangerous than previously thought. The radiation emitted from UV nail polish dryers can cause hand cancer and this nail polish dryers UV rays, similar to tanning beds, can do that It increases the risk of skin cancer An early start.

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