holidays | Three European cities to travel this summer without stress

study Rombo online travel agency It revealed that 76.4% of Spaniards prefer less crowded destinations and 57% would prefer to travel outside the high season to find less tourism.

But if your days off coincide with weeks when there are crowds, watch out, Note these European cities. Because if you are looking forward to enjoying this summer without the stress of watching the large number of tourists around you, then you must know them.

Nantes in France

Nantes is one of those cities that goes unnoticed in the eyes of the Spanish tourist, but ultimately ends up being one of the favorites after visiting it because those who bet on the capital of the Pays de la Loire return enchanted by the science fiction stories of the French writer, playwright and poet Jules Verne. His ingenuity was such In his creations he imagined submarines, space travel and flying machines It’s worth a stroll among the cool machines, a cruise down the Loire and a night out in the bars of Nantes, France.

Dresden in Germany

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Dresden is located on the banks of the Elbe River (ending in “n” in German), A city that vividly reflects the resilient character of the German country. Located near the Czech border and washed by the Elbe River, the city is majestic and majestic with its colossal collection of towers, towers, domes, palaces, churches, and majestic buildings. This World War II devastated city has resurfaced completely to restoration charm of its glorious past, when in the eighteenth century it was known as the Florence Elbe. There are many palaces and museums to visit: Albertinum, Residential Palace, Zwing Palace, Opera and Frauenkirche.

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Oslo in Norway

Vigeland Park, the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History, the Viking Ship Museum, Akershus Castle or the Norwegian Opera are mandatory visits if we travel to the country’s southern coast at the head of the Oslo Fjord. It may not be a summer season combine destination, but those tourists who prefer a cool summer should book into the new capital of the Scandinavian spirit. His “gourmet” proposals and culinary creations are growing by leaps and bounds. In addition, Bygdøy, the city’s trendy quarter, a residential area with typical Norwegian museums, as well as hectares of green space fringed by beaches, invites tourists to deny the cliché that Oslo is not a city for summer.

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