Controversy in The Wheel of Luck on letter screen: They catch the hostess with a full motion and a gesture that gives her away

In the world of television, where continuity and audiences are a really complicated thing, The Wheel of Fortune surprised everyone: In 2023, it will celebrate 33 years of uninterrupted broadcasting in our country. The number goes up even more if we take the data from its American version of “Wheel of Fortune”, where longevity is concerned Almost 50 years oldIt’s a milestone.

On the other hand, due to its popularity, there are few people who today have not watched, at least once, the broadcast of the program. However, there is a lot of information that remains hidden from the public: from strict care of the roulette to the protocol to be followed in case the board is incorrectly crafted.

A global phenomenon

Naively, there are those who believe that the format was born along with Antenna 3. However, “wheel of fortune” Born in 1975 in the USA. The idea originated in the North American television network NBC (National Broadcast Company) and was so successful that the format was actually extended to A total of 51 countries. Of course, not all countries had the same reception. Currently, only 19 of these 51 are being watched, i.e., Only 37% of countries in which it was ever released is still committed to the show.

Here you have an article where this data is expanded:

The different people who made the program

If there is anything that works as a marker for a contest, besides the board and roulette, this is it Jorge Fernandez. The Basque language was the visual face of the programme Since 2006which increased, if possible, the fame he had – we must not forget that he was named Mr. Spain in 2000, in addition to being a professional basketball player-.

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However, before that Present the program to 11 people. These are the previous presenters: Mayra Gomez Kemp (1990), Ramon Garcia (1990), Irma Soriano (1990-1991), Sharp rice (1991-1992), Mabel Lozano (1991-1992), Belin slowly (1992), Fernando Esteso (1993), Jesus Vasquez (1993-1994), Andoni Ferrino (1994-1995), Joe Gonzalez (1995-1996) and Carlos Lozano (1996-1997).

Space controversy

Overcoming Three decades Broadcasting requires many hours of recording. So many that even if it borders on perfection, it’s practically impossible not to be subject to controversy. Coordination has had a lot, especially lately.

A few weeks ago, a viewer accused the broadcaster of Contest rigging. According to him, Fernandez He had a pedal to stop the wheel when he sees fit. Basque’s response was emphatic: “I have nothing to hold back from roulette.” In addition, the singer has been placed in the center of attention, Joaquin Padillawho asked for his head. Reason: the singer accuses young people of not knowing the old songs. Users on social networks did not hesitate to reply: “First I learn to sing.”

Although these controversies have drawn criticism of the program, there is one that stands out above the rest: Fake touchpad. For a long time, followers of the program believed that the screen was touch screen. This would explain the presence of the hostess who, as she passes by, gently touches the letters that the contestants have guessed correctly. However, a message from a follower on social networks recently surfaced – expressing his extreme indignation – over this Show that this was wrong. This is the video:

More fun facts

Roulette care

Being the central focus of the software, its appearance should be the best it can be. Therefore, within the program staff – about 30 people in total – There is a managerExclusive cleaning.

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Typo Dashboard

nacho korea, Program director – not to be confused with its presenter – stated in an interview that errors are rare, as much attention is paid to revision work. However, there were times when the panels were far apart or far apart. Faced with this kind of circumstance, he maintains, they “try to find the best way to solve it,” which always benefits the contestants.

general cheerleader

The audience’s presence in TV shows makes them acquire a more human personality. Although many shows choose not to include – among other reasons because you usually have to pay for it – “Wheel of Fortune” He always had an audience. There is also a specific position for Cheerleader, which gives instructions about what should be sung or how it should be stirred. However, this is rarely the time he appears on screen.

One way roulette

Many have wondered if it is possible to rotate the wheel in the opposite direction. However, a way He has denied that contestants can do that. In the same way, before the start of the performance, the participants receive instructions on how to perform the role in this.

special programs

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From time to time, especially coming to Special dates – Like Christmas or Carnival – special editions are organized, where the presenter and contestants dress up according to the celebration. Likewise, programs were implemented in which the money raised was allocated to charitable foundations.

The end of “La Roulette”

Although the program director knows the numbers have always been good, he has in mind that a day will come The audience will decrease. This is, in fact, the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest-running program in television history “Giant Saturday”which began in 1962 on Channel 13 in Chile, with a total 53 years old (Its last broadcast was in 2015).

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