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Dental health is one of the most basic needs to take care of our health Dental wellness. Therefore, it is important that we have a regular and controlled hygiene of our mouth to keep it clean and thus avoid its appearance Oral diseases or infections. The most important thing of all is dental cleaning, from time to time professionals can take control of your oral health and thanks to that you will get your mouth in good shape.

What can you avoid if you clean up

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You have many benefits if you brush your teeth from time to time. Among these:

  • Oral health: As mentioned earlier, if you do not brush your teeth, tartar will build up in your mouth, which is dangerous to your health. Moreover, this is because it causes A Inflammation and bleeding From teeth and gums to gingivitis.

  • cavities: Obviously, brushing your teeth will be the key to avoiding cavities in your mouth and keeping your mouth healthy.

  • Missing or missing teeth: he limeIn addition to gum disease, it can cause tooth loss, which is very harmful to oral health.

  • Aesthetic: These dental problems are reflected in an unaesthetic way. Although in the first months of having dental problems it is not very noticeable, Over time if it will be noticed And it causes an unpleasant appearance in our mouth.

Another important aspect that many people wonder about is how often you have to brush your teeth. The answer is easy, which is what orthodontists recommend every six months. Although this will depend on the person and the hygiene of each one.

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