Where to work remotely depends on my preferences

If there is something you have the Work electronically crescent moon The great benefits it brings. Which is one of the things that Corona virus has left us. Until relatively recently, yes. We begin to think It was impossible to work from another province of the country and that Your office will be somewhere else you live. Most telecommuting has been established Companies and now may not live in the same city Where is your office or where you can Consider a change of city while working elsewhere. Also, if I dare or catch your eye, moving to the rural world, There are subsidies and aid to Move to an empty town in Spain.

Remote work law

the You need to sign an agreement with the employee who will work remotely for more than 30% of the working week for three months (less than two days a week), forcing the employer to pay some of the expenses involved. It also states that companies must collect the law in a collective agreement or agreement within a period of one year or a maximum of three years, if this has been agreed with the representatives of the workers.

Work remotely from another location

  • Temporary or not: If you just want to Move for a while to get experience Get out of your comfort zone Or live far from the big city, then Expand your options. In Spain we have a great variety of landscapes and places, because depending on the idea that you have to live for a while, you can choose from Field, beach, deserts, meadows, etc.. Or even everything in one place.

  • Buy or rent: This will always depend time you want to go And where do you want to move. This will also vary depending on what Part of the land you want to transfer. Depending on the region it will be cheaper or not.

The best provinces where to work remotely

  • Valencia (beach): she is one from independent communities Where we can find everything. Hassan road connection And it has a great train service with the others major cities. In addition, the price of housing is slightly lower than, for example, in Madrid or Barcelona.

  • Cáceres (Reef): At housing prices Very affordable and very good backcountry. It’s a district of complete calm. In addition, it is only a three-hour drive from Madrid.

  • Madrid (large city): If the economic aspect is not an issue, Madrid can be one of the great options. Of course, you can’t look for a quiet place either, it never stops. In addition, you can also choose cities near Madrid where you can buy at prices that are not as high as the capital.

In addition to that, with the establishment of telecommuting, it was the various hotels that offered great long-distance deals where workers could change the scenery.

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the Flexible hours andespecially, Space freedom Offered through telework many hotels put turbo and made I adapted to the new reality. Others submit Spaces that allow you to work as if it were an office, but with all the added conveniences of a hotel.

1. CoolRooms Palacio de Atocha (Madrid)

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In big cities, the rhythm does not stop and transfers for business trips are usually the order of the day. Considering both short and long stays, Coolrooms Atocha Palace He knew how to see the possibilities of remote work. In this mansion converted into a hotel you can enjoy yourself Cool installation s From the wonderful officea day ticket costs €50 and €160 for two people, respectively, which includes access to the common areas, WIFI connection, coffee break and food in the restaurant.

2- Melia Day residence

Developed the famous Melia hotel chain The concept of daily accommodation In hotels scattered in different provincial capitals such as A Coruña, Bilbao, Madrid, Seville, Valencia As for Zaragoza. Thanks to this corridor, which operates from eight in the morning until eight in the evening, the hotel facilitates access to its rooms, which are equipped with a table and chair, so that You can work remotely in a secure environment and absolute privacy.

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