word of mouth | Orestes’ Commentary on the Blue Chair

After several performances, Oreste did not face any new competitors. After this program, he had to face new contestants.

The mystery of the holidays

One of the great surprises of the contest in its final daily installments was the new revelation of Orestes on Pasapalabra. The longest-lived contestant in the history of the program revealed, to the surprise of the audience present on the site and the thousands of followers who watch the space from their homes, that it is not the first time that he has visited Pasapalabra, and that a few years ago he had visited the group.

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Orestes has been the main figure in Pasapalabra for just over a year and already has a string of records to his credit. The last time was achieved on October 17, when he equaled Pablo Diaz by completing 260 consecutive programs, the same number achieved by the Canary rider until Roscoe last completed it in 2021.

Since then, the guy from Burgos has kept adding programs and the jackpot has continued to climb. On October 1, 2021, he made it to the competition and since then, he has remained unbeatable in donuts, although he recently starred in equal duels with Rafa. In addition, he has broken many records. On the one hand, he is already the longest-serving contestant, surpassing Pablo Diaz’s 261 shows, and on the other hand, he scored a historic streak of 20 hits in just two turns on “El Rosco”something that had not been achieved before in Pasapalabra.

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