Egypt cancels its subscription to Netflix

  • The North African country is accusing the platform of choosing a black actress to star as Cleopatra in a documentary

Egypt charged Netflix for Choosing a black actress to play the role of Queen Cleopatra In a ring dedicated to the king in a frame Documentary series Which will be released on May 10, something the country has described Forgery of Egyptian history.

The appearance of the protagonist with these features represents A Forging Egyptian history and one A blatant historical fallacy“The series is classified as a documentary,” the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities said in a statement.

In this sense, the Secretary of the Supreme Council of Antiquities said, Mostafa Waziri He said in statements collected in the note:Queen Cleopatra had fair skin and Hellenistic features.

“fake” history

The series, which will be shown on May 10, is produced by Jada Pinkett Smithwho chose the actress Adele James To represent the famous monarch of ancient Egypt and to defend his African roots, which is his command Unleash a great controversy in the land of the Pharaohs.

Waziri warned the producers of the documentary series to “investigate thoroughly and rely on historical and scientific facts to ensure that the history of civilizations is not falsified,” denouncing the need to “consult archaeologists and anthropologists” before choosing Adele James.

Waziri said, “There are many relics of Queen Cleopatra, including statues and representations on coins, which confirm her true shape and features, all of which show Hellenistic (Greek) features, smooth skin, sharp nose and thin lips.”

For his part, Head of the Egyptian Antiquities Department, Faculty of Archeology, Cairo UniversityNasser MakkawiIn the note, she pointed out that “historians such as Plutarch and Cassius Dio recorded the events of Roman history in Egypt during the reign of Queen Cleopatra, and confirmed that she was light-skinned and had pure Macedonian origins.”

He also indicated that Cleopatra VII was Descendant of a family of Macedonian descent Who ruled Egypt for nearly 300 years.

On the part of the researcher Samia Al-Mirghani He pointed out that DNA studies conducted on the mummies and bones of the ancient Egyptians “confirm that the Egyptians did not have sub-Saharan African features.”

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On the same line, the head of the Dominican mission in the Temple of Taposiris Magna, west of Alexandria, mentioned Kathleen Martinezhas noted that “despite the conflicting opinions about his race”, CLiopatra was of Macedonian descentwhich is “also evident in the marble statue of the first century BC on display in the Berlin Museum”.

The news about Adele James’ casting to play Cleopatra caused quite a stir in Egypt, where HI started a collection of signatures on the Internet to Request to cancel the series and even Several parliamentarians have called for the suspension of Netflix in the country.

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