Are you going on a bridge? These lottery administrations are the most famous in Spain

There is very little left for the Christmas lottery to take place, as on Thursday, December 22, Teatro Real Madrid will host the celebration of the long-awaited event. This year a total of 172 million of ten is available A total of 2408 million euros will be distributed.

You can follow Live draw on our page and check in real time if you are one of the winners our lab. It’s a lottery that brings with it Rituals and superstitions for most players. Passing the tenth across the belly of a pregnant woman, lighting a yellow candle, rubbing a ticket on the back of a black cat, or entering the lottery administration with the wrong foot are among the most famous. Christmas lottery.

There are also those who choose to buy multiple tithes, one for each city they travel to. Now that the long-awaited December Bridge is approaching, many people are going to the most famous Spanish lottery administrations to buy a ticket. Although this is often done in the form of SouvenirIt can be a great opportunity to try your luck in a different way than usual.

In Spain there are more than 10,000 establishments where you can buy a tenth, but each place has its own symbolic corner. we tell you 5 very special places to buy a lottery.

Dona Manoleta (Madrid)

Of the most famous departments as distributed Fat, In just over a century, more than 76 times. His first business was a tobacconist’s shop on Madrid’s emblematic Calle Hortaleza, and later, he opened Management Office No. 67 on Calle San Bernardo. Soon he started handing out awards, which helped him gain fame and expand the business. The legacy and longlines continue, although they are now made in Calle Del Carmen 22, They continue to shape and be a part of the history of the lottery in this country.

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The Bruixa d’Or (type)

Another of the featured reference places to get ten. Exists in leda, In the Catalan Pyrenees, but management is the one Sales of more than tenths across the country every year. The founder and owner, Xavier Gabriel, has purchased several numbers from SELAE, which he has achieved Distributing many prizes. 86% of their sales are made Online And it is that the name of the place is already an omen of victory.

Ormaechea Lottery (Bilbao)

It has also been added to the list of the most fortunate lottery administrations in Spain. It was founded in 1941 and is currently in Calle Alameda de Urquijo 52. cast down Fat In 1986 and in the extraordinary drawing of 2018 he sold 10 tenths of the fifth prize. Sagasta Lottery (Seville)

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In fact, its full name is “Sagasta Los Millones Lottery” and the reason is very special: in a century of history, it has distributed several million prizes. located in 13 Sagasta Street, It was first opened in 1919, and since then it has already been distributed two fatties One in 1961 and one in 1998.

Manises Lottery (Valencia)

This administration also has several awards behind it, among them, Fat in 1971, 1986, 2012, 2013 and 2018. Manises is, in fact, the Spanish municipality where this famous prize has slipped most of the time, more than 300 million euros over the years.

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