women’s music | Why are there no women music producers?

studies Music It’s definitely the most masculine space in an industry that’s already full of men.. Catalan producer and DJ Awwz released an album last July, “Lada Temple,” which was made with women only because it stopped feeling the “heavy on top” you often feel when you make music with the boys. Because the spaces are not only masculine, but also dynamic. “Because in the studio I wasn’t comfortable enough or couldn’t function normally as I wanted, I decided to start by rejecting the men who called me for work and focused on women only,” says Ouz, Gemma’s stage name.

From this feeling he defines as “weight at the top” – “it’s still another offshoot of patriarchy where we come from”, he points out – A short documentary film entitled “Women in the Studio”., which was shown on Saturday at the Arepao Cinema as part of the In-Edit Festival programme. From this sentiment and from data from USC Annenberg’s Music and Gender Balance that indicate that there are less than 3% of female producers. “It grows but little by little, There are no female references in the production, and it is very important to create references for them,” says Oz, who throughout her career has promoted projects aimed at boosting productivity among women. In my case -contact Catalan-, I did not think about the fact that I was a woman until I went out to the press and they always highlighted “girl” and “woman” … Then I understood that there were very few, and above all, there were no references “.

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The album and documentary film, directed by Marina Espanach and ordered by the Catalan producer but also in the presence of eight other artists (Lablaqui, RRUCCULLA, Simona, Angie, Demi Soper, Tina Pampano, Kristi V, and A Dean), He has the will to act as a speaker for the ideas and situations they all experienced while composing music (Not exactly the “Lada temple” mentioned above). “There is no awareness of it and we wanted to make it visible,” Oz says. Simona, an Argentine singer based in Barcelona, ​​for example, narrates how the annoyance of having men in the studio affected her voice because she felt self-conscious. Angie points out in the documentary: “There is magic in producing a song in a place where you feel comfortable, and you come out otherwise.” And it happens (or doesn’t happen) that a lot of first times are in the company of men, which makes beginnings difficult.

Daily examples in their career that They come to diminish their artistic ability and bring them down“There are times when you’re in a studio surrounded by guys and your voice has a hard time carrying weight…or it’s like you don’t quite know what you’re doing,” Oz explains. Or directly: “I had to say no to go to the studio because actually what They wanted to have something sexual and not work.” These attitudes in the industry are transmitted to all angles, says Oz, who, for example, was transmitted to Ask “Will you come alone?“When preparing for a live show.” They say as if they were contemplating the loss of an artistic man”, accidentally abandoning or not ‘The Temple of Lada’, the album that was used as an excuse for this documentary, as Awwz explains in short, his work “more comfortable, more faithful, with different productions to me without losing my voice.” than I’ve ever done.”

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