The Malaga Film Festival, which has a record number of films, wants to restore its joy

The moment has come. Cinema in Spanish, that we make in Spain and Latin America, will light up the empty screens of theaters with dramas, comedies, thrillers, documentaries and ideas based on stories about who we are and what we want to be. The epidemic is finally overwhich forced the event to take courageous decisions that were praised by the national and international sectors, and already celebrated 25 years after the event, Malaga Festival begins the era of preserving the malignant acts and philosophy of the last decade, led by Juan Antonio Vigar. A festival “unique in its entirety” that seeks to benefit from the films it presents and the people who make them.

The red carpet will finally return to the vicinity of Cervantes Theatre. And beware, the time will be with you: unlike the last version, where muddy rain and generally inclement weather marred the look of the activities, even with masks on, this invitation will be blessed with radiant light. The essential names of the national audiovisual industry will be paraded along the carpet, as the honorees Blanca Portillo, Carla Simon, Alberto Rodriguez, Rafael And yoye berengola, In addition to the film teams shown in the competition and its surroundings. But above all, the people of Malaga, the fans and the curious, will return in search of a selfie and a gesture of complicity with the popular faces of our films and series. The competition director himself says:Malaga is a great celebration of cinema and joy, two words that sound great together..

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The main lines of the festival

In purely cinematic terms, the competition Maintains historical outlines of the competition: Commitment to the values ​​of the new management, especially female managers and a Push to more alternative creations And an independent philosophy that allowed Vigar and his team to brag, rightfully so, of something: “The important names of Spanish cinema today found their first opportunity here.. Rodrigo Soroguin, Carla Simon, Alauda Ruiz de Azúa, Carlos Marqués-Marcet And many know that.

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It will be a record year in terms of quantity: More than 200 films make up the festival’s network, which includes a feature film competition of up to 20 films. “Twenty percent more films have been registered,” Vigar says. The numbers speak of an extraordinary moment in audiovisual production and the growing interest in the Malaga Festival as a launching pad. All this led toThe competition has opened a new show window, Málaga Premiere, with about two dozen titles out of competition, “films that are also worth seeing but have not found a place in the competition”. Among them, the long-awaited feature films such as siegel Miguel Angel Vivas, and contributions from a more emphatic commercial range, such as Part Two of Garcia and Garcia also From Little Red Riding Hood to Luba. Mozaicos also appeared, the pearl of foreign, non-Latin American films that come from festivals, with important awards, not yet released in Spain. But mailThe festival grows not only in films, but also in friends. This season he joins the list of sponsorsYes Spanish TV Radio Which will provide the event with a larger media image: the opening ceremony will be broadcast live through it La2.

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You see, after the first quarter century, The festival does not want to adapt or take itself for granted And he goes on to invite us to the best party ever: the one experienced from an armchair in front of a screen.

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