Two giant rubber ducks move to Hong Kong Bay to promote ‘double happiness’

A pair of rubber ducks It caused a sensation in Victoria’s harbour Hong Kong This Friday as part of an artwork called “Double Ducks” by Dutch artist Florentin Hofmann, who says he hopes these animals will bring happiness to the city.

inflatable yellow ducks, from 18 metreswill sail in the harbor for two weeks, arriving a decade after Hoffmann gifted the “rubber duck” sculpture that drew crowds in the Asian financial hub in 2013.

Hoffman said his pair of ducks represented “Double pleasure, double happiness»Bring new excitement to Hong Kong. “I hope it will bring as much fun as in the past and in a world where we are suffering from a pandemic, wars and political situations, I think this is the right time to regain double luck.”

The AllRightsReserved (ARR) curator said the ducks were like the identical Chinese characters “xi” for happiness and “peng” for friends.

Hoffman, what Inspired by a world map and a rubber duck To create his giant inflatable rubber duck installation, he embarked on a world tour from the Netherlands in 2007, stopping at ports from France to Brazil.


Stationed near Hong Kong’s Central District and Tamar Park, ducks swim across Victoria Harbor to the delight of dozens of passers-by.

Anna, a 40-year-old woman who was walking along the promenade, said she enjoyed watching the ducks: “We’d like more art installations Like the rubber ducks in Hong Kong. Right now, there is not as much space for art compared to Macau or Shenzhen, which have more art installations.”

A 40-year-old engineer named Ken said that ducks are good for Hong Kong: “It’s a good thing that society is so depressed. It is better for the government to spend public money on this than to spend it on other areas.

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