The body of a teenager has been found stabbed to death in a shopping cart in Italy

The body of the young woman was inside a garbage bag and was left next to some containers

A street in the Primavale district, in Rome, where the young woman was found GOOGLE STREET VIEWS

Stabbed to death and left in a cart To buy inside a trash bag next to some containers. That was the sad end of Michelle Maria Carusoa 17-year-old teenager from the Romanian district of Primavale (Italy), in a harrowing story in which a contemporary of the young woman is arrested as the alleged culprit of the crime.

The alarm went off at four o’clock last Wednesday afternoon at one of the neighborhood’s neighbours He saw the young man who was later arrested pushing a cart of the purchase with the package still inside and call the police when the situation is deemed suspicious.

The agents rushed to the scene, where they opened the garbage bag and found Michelle’s body. The exact time of death is not clear For the Romanian teenager who left the house on Wednesday a few meters from where she left her body.

Soon after, the agents went into the house where the crime had allegedly taken place, in the doorway and on the stairs, They find bloodstains. The alleged perpetrator, who is of Sinhalese origin but holds Italian citizenship, was arrested and subsequently questioned.

Investigators are continuing investigations in the area and have collected testimonies from a number of residents of the area for clarification The motive for the murder and the existing relationship between the two young men. During Wednesday afternoon, Michelle’s friends and colleagues came to the scene to pay her last farewells.

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