Two dead and thousands of people in isolation due to heavy rains in Chile

Two people died and six disappeared. Because of the heavy rains that have been occurring since last Thursday in central Chile, according to Effie.

that it abnormal conditionwhich was caused by the high temperatures in the Andean peaks, which is unusual for the onset of a southern winter.

In addition, 1,578 people have been taken to shelters and 3,383 have suffered some kind of damageWhile 54 homes were completely destroyed, 751 sustained major damage and 1,951 suffered minor damage.

situation too It is due to the effects of the El Niño phenomenon Which, according to experts, is returning with historic and unprecedented strength.

“It is an event that one can expect more frequently as a result of climate change because the zero temperature is rising, Some talk about 100 and 200 metersSo it’s raining in areas where it used to snow,” Pablo Sarrecolia, a scientist at the University of Chile, explains to EFE.

According to the professor, it is quite plausible that it is related to the onset of El Niño, given that “the temperature in the tropical Pacific It really sets the trend Towards this phenomenon with a high probability that it will affect this winter.

But there is not a single suspect, El Niño can be oneClimate variability as a whole could be number two and climate change should be reviewed, but I would put it at number three.”

In this context, Australian and New Zealand scientists warned against this We are facing an unusual situation. And that the fact that the oceans of the tropical Pacific are 0.8°C warmer than average, compared to previous events, means that, among other reasons, we find ourselves a “superchild”.

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