Finland celebrates July in red for joining NATO with Sweden despite Erdogan’s veto

Finland has set a date for joining NATO. The person responsible for the announcement is President Sauli Niinisto, in statements to the Finnish news agency STT, and gave two relevant information: that Sweden and Finland will join the coalition together and that this will happen next July. “If not before Vilnius, then why after?” said Niinisto. referring to the NATO summit in Lithuania that month. He is convinced that Finland and Sweden will attend this NATO summit as full members and highlights the importance of the summit for the two countries’ accession process. He estimates that if membership is not ratified by next summer, the entire accession process will be. Certainly questionable. In this way, Finland is trying to dispel suspicions that Turkey’s opposition to Sweden’s accession has been planted around the process and indicates that the United States has the power to resolve it. Related news The United States does not provide security guarantees to Finland and Sweden despite the Turkish veto on their entry into NATO Enrique Serpeto Erdogan ignores the pressure of the European Union and insists on refusing to join the alliance of both northern countries. The Chair, he heard encouraging remarks about a smooth accession process last spring, but the process turned out to be very different. The bumpy road did not exclusively cause headaches for the two would-be member states. Yes, I see that this has already become a problem for NATO. It is clear that the NATO countries were also taken by surprise,” he said, leaving the ball in the court of the alliance members. Turkey has put up the main obstacles and the decision is ultimately up to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. According to Niinisto, the 28 NATO countries that have already ratified the accession protocols have made their position clear to those who They resist. Advance “I doubt that Erdogan will succumb to any kind of public pressure under any circumstances. But if some kind of breakthrough is found in the bilateral talks between Turkey and the United States, that might have an effect.” Niinisto believes that the new anti-terror laws that will be enacted in Sweden in June will provide Erdogan with the opportunity to judge that the country has also implemented the changes agreed upon at the NATO summit in Madrid in June 2022. “When it comes to the question in other respects, my position is that we will work on Strengthening the understanding between Turkey and Sweden, with the aim of achieving membership as soon as possible, for both Finland and Sweden “, while preserving the fate of the two northern countries and refusing to provide more details: “I will repeat the above,” he insists, without hiding his reservations about the deliberate delay in joining after Receiving a resolution from Parliament, a possibility raised as a means of ensuring Finland’s accession at the same time as Sweden. He believed that exercising the presidency’s right to delay the implementation of the law would be “extremely unusual.” He explains that extending the accession process, which began at the Madrid summit last June, would cast doubt on the credibility of the entire NATO accession process and make it more questionable. More diplomacy Foreign Minister Becca Haavisto of the Green Party shares this assessment. “Finland and Sweden did everything they could as part of the agreement last summer,” he said in his latest remarks, adding that “all the elements are now on the table: what is needed is a little more diplomacy.” Finnish Ambassador to Hungary Berti announced this weekend that he is in Hungary. NATO membership applications from the two northern countries will be considered once Parliament begins its spring session at the end of this month Hungarian opposition member Agnes Vaday warns that the timeline for the ratification process is still unclear and delays are likely. , has calculated in an interview with Euractiv that it is possible that the Hungarian prime minister, Viktor Orbán, simply wants to “give back”, since Finland keeps the issue of the rule of law high on the European agenda.Turkish President Recep Erdogan publicly insists he will not give light Green because of a series of cases including the deportation of those whom Ankara considers terrorists, who are protected by Swedish law, and also because of the recent burning of the Qur’an near the Turkish embassy in Stockholm.But it is said in diplomatic circles that A US concession on arms exports would soften Ankara’s position.

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