The green hydrogen gas pipeline between Barcelona and Marseille will not be in place until the next decade

Javier Gonzalez Navarro


Updated at 4:01 p.m.

The future gas pipeline project between Barcelona and Marseille, called H2Med, It won’t be a reality until the next decade, that is, from 2030, that it will only transport green hydrogen and its financing can be provided by the European Union.

This was confirmed today in Alicante by the Head of Government, Pedro Sánchez; President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron. Prime Minister of the Portuguese Republic, Antonio Costa; and the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, who attended Euro-Mediterranean summit.

The Prime Minister of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, did not attend due to a flu. It is strange that this summit should have been held on September 30, but it had to be postponed because Pedro Sanchez had Corona virus disease.

Announced on October 20 during a European summit, this infrastructure would replace MidCat, a project launched in 2003 to link the gas grids of France and Spain across the Pyrenees, but ultimately abandoned due to its lack of economic appeal and resistance to means. media. Ecologists and Paris.

It will be about 500 kilometers long under the Mediterranean Sea and depths of about 2,000 metres. You will exceed your budget 2500 million euros, According to Sanchez, who stressed that the project is “extraordinary news for Europe”. To this figure must be added another 350 million euros for the section between Celorico da Beira and Zamora, which corresponds to the part of the project between Portugal and Spain.

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On December 15th, the governments of Spain, France, and Portugal will submit H2MED to the European Commission to be declared common interest project From Brussels.

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