Steven Spielberg | Steven Spielberg: “When I make a movie, I’m all about serving it”

It may seem paradoxical that the Berlinale should now award an honorary Golden Bear Steven Spielberg Despite the fact that, for the past six decades, none of his films have been deemed worthy of competing in this festival; On the other hand, yes, to get acquainted A privileged place That he is among the most important directors in history does not contradict the assumption that this is not the natural home of his cinema. Anyway, none of that seemed to matter to him.

Today, during his meeting with the press, hours before receiving the statue, he said, “Receiving this award represents one of the highlights of my career.” “It means I have to do some things right. Awards like this force me to do something I’ve never done, which is to look back. in time to reflect & rdquor ;.

The truth is, despite those words, Spielberg has been shown to have been indulging in an exercise in introspection for quite some time. Fablemans The film that gave him the first two Golden Globes of his career and which he aspires to Seven Oscarsis nothing more than a meditation on the trauma he experienced as a teenager due to the death of his parents, and how cinema saved his life.

My mother was a woman who celebrated life every single day; If he wanted to do something, he just did it & rdquor;the director remembers classics like—they don’t all fit here—”Jaws” (1975), E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982) and Schindler’s List (1993). You make it?” The pandemic made me think a lot about old age and death, and that fear made me want to finally make this movie.”

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Although not as directly as in The Fabelmans, Ohio has spent his entire career talking about broken families, failed marriages, and orphaned children, even in films that seem far removed from those subjects like Crazy Evasion (1974) or “Encounters in the Third Stage” (1977). “I have never consciously used movies as therapy But when you’re an artist, all of the experiences that have to emerge and permeate your work, even if you don’t intend it to. And when I make a movie, it’s all I am at the service of.”

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Spielberg defines his career as a “bullet train”, a fast, uninterrupted journey between each film and the next. Right now, he’s been taking a while without knowing what his next project will be. “My last two films were very personal works.Because before “Los Fabelmans” I did West Side Story after spending my whole life wanting to shoot a musical, he explains. “But from the time I started working on one until I finished the other, I had no time to think about what I should do next. On the one hand, the lack of commitments makes me feel good, but at the same time the uncertainty terrifies me.”

If the databases weren’t lying, this honorary Golden Bear is the 208th major film award he’s received; He was also awarded an honorary Golden Lion, which was bestowed upon him by the Venice Film Festival in 1993. Although the awards alone do not confirm that he is someone who gives good advice, they do confirm that he is someone many people would like to have. Today, at the Berlinale, he gave one: “If you want to be a director, first be a writer. And if writing is not your forte, find someone for it, and form an alliance as unbounded as possible with that person. Because it’s the stories, not the framing of the shots, that make the audience pay attention.”

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