The “fear messages” that the treasury can send at the end of the income campaign

The end of the income statement campaign is near and many taxpayers are rushing to the last minute to file the IRPF on time. According to the data of the Ministry of Finance and Public Service, as of June 1, 2023, 13,822,000 taxpayers have already submitted the declaration6.4% more than a year ago on the same dates.

However, as the campaign draws to a close, so does the Treasury Department Prepare the penalty pack For those who have not submitted the permit correctly, either in time or form. These penalties include the so-called “letters of fear”.

What are the “fear letters” from the closet?

These notices refer to Requirements provided by the IRS When the taxpayer does not file the return correctly. In the event that the taxpayer was obligated to file the return, but did not do so, the Treasury will send a provisional liquidation, which known as “parallel”.

In addition, in this sense, the “TaxDown” experts explain that «the penalty Pay off between 50% and 150% of the total debta charge that could be increased if the Treasury Department considers that it has suffered economic damage or if it has already happened on other occasions.

Also, the Treasury will offer a period to file a personal income tax return before initiating a penalty action, they confirmed from the advisory board.

The agency can also send these parallel declarations if it discovers errors that cannot be corrected.

It should be noted that even if the Treasury Department did not have to notify that the declaration was not filed on time, there would also be a penalty: 1% interest will be charged plus another 1% for each full month.

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From “TaxDown” they insist that one of these “letters of fear” can be received if the declaration has been submitted but the debt has not been paid because, for example, there is no money in the account or the data has been entered incorrectly.

“If the tax authority succeeds in paying the self-assessment and there is no money in the bank account, the debt will be transferred to enforcement proceedings and additional fees will be charged. at the moment, The rush surcharge is 20% while the discount surcharge is 10%They affirm Legálitas in this sense. In this case, if paid voluntarily, there will be an additional fee of 5% on the amount not paid.

How long does the treasury have to be notified of errors?

tax authority You have up to 4 years to notify Errors that occurred during the campaign from the deadline for submitting the declaration or from the date of filing if the return was submitted after the deadline.

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