Pensioners, scholarship holders, the unemployed, those with a minimum income … who can and who cannot collect a 200 euro check from the government

The €200 check announced by the government yesterday as part of its third anti-inflationary aid package will not reach groups such as pensioners and recipients of the vital minimum income. The ordinance published this Wednesday in the Bank of England excludes these families while excluding anyone receiving other benefits from the state.

The text specifies that “those who receive, as of December 31, 2022, minimum vital income, or pensions paid by the public system and private social security systems or the passive class state system, will not be entitled to assistance, as well as those who receive Benefits similar to those previously recognized for professionals not included in the special social security scheme for the self-employed or self-employed by mutual benefit associations acting as alternatives to the aforementioned private social security scheme, provided that they are benefits for cases similar to those provided for in the corresponding social security pension In practice, this would mean the exclusion of more than 11 million households.

But there are more exceptions. Individuals who appear as legal officers of a commercial company with activity beyond December 31, 2022, as well as holders of securities representing participation in the equity of a commercial company not listed on any stock market, cannot obtain it. .

Thus, in accordance with the provisions of the Bank of England, the Government only considers that a direct payment of €200 reaches individuals with incomes of less than €27,000 per annum and assets of less than €75,000 as of 31 December 2022. Nor can both of them be outperformed in the aggregate by a common-law couple or couple They want to get help.

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This list also includes those who have received unemployment benefits within the past year as long as they meet the above income requirements. And also scholarship holders who did not enter in the same way more than 27,000 euros and are registered in the Social Security, as confirmed by the sources of the Ministry of Finance to this newspaper. The government appreciates that In these income conditions there are about 4.2 million families.

sum, Eight million people could be the beneficiaries At a total cost of 1,300 million euros to the state, according to the accounts of technicians from the Ministry of Finance gathered in Gesta. Catalonia will be the most benefiting region (1.4 million people), followed by Madrid (1.27 million people) and Andalusia (1.22 million people). Ammunition for the government on the eve of the full election.

Open the window

The window for requesting the €200 check will open from February 15th and It can be ordered until March 31, 2023, through the electronic headquarters of the Tax Authority. Applicants must provide a bank account to receive one-time payment by transfer.

In any case, those who have refused assistance will have a period of 10 days to file claims, starting the day after notification of the proposed decision, to which they can add Documents and supporting documents that you consider relevant. After a period of three months from the end of the deadline for submitting the application without paying the amount or notifying the proposal of the refusal decision, the application can be understood as rejected.

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