Harrison Ford: ‘I wanted to give Indy the farewell she deserves’

Harrison Ford He was about to turn 39 when he came out In search of the lost ark (1981), the film that introduced the world to archaeologist Henry Jones Jr.—Indy to Friends—and made him an instant pop icon. Four movies and more than four decades later, and 80 years later, he’s decided to say goodbye to the character forever. It makes sense Indiana Jones and the Port of Destiny, the main enemy that the hero faces is age. “It seemed to me important to make her decline a part of history.the actor tells us from the other side of the computer screen. He has almost completely lost his energy and passion, and he doesn’t feel very well. But the opportunity to live one last adventure appears to him, thanks to which he manages to recover.

Directed by James Mangold The first director is not named Steven Spielberg In getting behind the camera for an epic delivery-, Destiny tablet Watch as Dr. Jones is rescued from retirement by his daughter, Helena (Phoebe Waller Bridge) to face the same type of task as after Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) became archetype: the search for a supposedly priceless relic with magical powers that could be extremely dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands.

‘Too many Nazis’

Specifically, the object here is the Antikythera, a contraption supposedly designed by Archimedes that possibly allows its owner to travel through time. Based on this premise, says Ford, the film delves into everything the saga should celebrate the value of scientific progress. “You must be very stupid to deny the importance of science and ignore itand I’m afraid that in our world there are more and more people of this type, ”he laments.

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Although it takes place at the end of the sixties, in the middle of the space race, Destiny tablet Bringing back the Nazis, undoubtedly Jones’ most legendary foe. “Too many Nazis,” the protagonist complains during the film’s long prologue, which is set at the end of World War II and features Ford with his face convincingly regenerated by a computer. “For the record, I’m not necessarily an advocate of using this technology as a substitute for interpretive creativity, and of course it wasn’t our intention to use it,” the actor qualifies. “We didn’t even use AI or Photoshop. Pictures of me several watches from 35 years ago, characterized as Indy, and this is the raw material that was used“.

Indiana Jones has never been an infallible hero. “It has always been one of the goals of these films to highlight his vulnerabilities and fears, the physical and emotional hardships he faces in his adventures,” Ford explains. Throughout the story, we see him chased by a giant boulder, tortured with voodoo, beaten, kicked, and shot with darts, darts, and poison bullets. And in the new film, despite the passing of the years, Jones is forced to jump off a bridge into the raging waters of a river, run on horseback through the tunnels of the New York subway and confront giant moray eels in Greek waters.

shoulder injury

While filming one of those scenes, the actor suffered a shoulder injury that forced him to stop filming for two weeks. Years ago, while playing Han Solo in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015), he had already broken several bones in his foot and dislocated his ankle. “I became the actor on fire because of his injuries, and I’m not proud of that,” he jokes. “What am I going to do? These things happen.”

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Ford spent years convincing the creators of Indiana Jones and Spielberg and George Lucasthat the character deserved a better ending than the one he was given Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008), which in its day had a very cold reception. “In that movie, the Joneses ended up getting married, and that seemed to me to be the case The conclusion did not do him justice. Or it will serve as a fitting end to his journey.”

“I needed to give dew The farewell you deserve.” Ceasing to embody your most iconic self, by no means, in no way means retirement. Currently, Ford is having great success on the small screen thanks to the series shrank – in which he plays a psychiatrist who suffers from Parkinson’s disease – W 1923 -in the skin of a rocky farm-, and is part of the cast Brave New WorldThe new movie marvel Captain America tournament. “During the pandemic I was out of a job,” he explains regarding his busy schedule, “and when I had the opportunity to go back to work, I conscientiously gave myself about it.” “When I don’t have a job, I don’t feel good.”

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