AI analyzes your tweets and describes you

Our Twitter profile and use of the platform can be a good reflection of our How are we really Hobbies, musical or artistic tastes, opinions … All this can roughly describe us, at least to the community of users that we have created on said social network.

thanks for the scope of artificial intelligence, The project was born cut me short, A platform that has caused quite a stir on Twitter in recent hours due to its ability to show our identity through our tweets. the creator, Jordi Marty He is — according to the platform itself describing him — “a person who displays a positive and grateful attitude towards his Twitter community.”

How does work?

Using it is very simple, you just need to enter the name of the user you want to search for and the platform will provide you with a profile of that person of interest. With artificial intelligence analyzing the tweets that this account posts, it will draw a digital bot profile.

This is the approximation he does Some related characters:

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The modern singer’s digital photo, Rosaliais the following: “It displays a picture of a person who is active in social networking sites, sharing his daily life, achievements, and ideas, and mainly talks about his music, performances, collaborations, and awards. His personal life, tastes, and relationships with others, and in general, his content is diverse and shows a cheerful personality and close to his followers.”

on eBay Janus, For example, AI ensures that they are a real follower of sports and entertainment events: “This user shows an image of being a follower of sports and entertainment events, especially related to video games and live broadcasts. His tweets are often informal and full of humor, and he often talks about live events and football matches.” Foot. It also seems that he admires certain personalities and celebrities, such as David Bustamante and Ronaldinho. In general, his content is quite diverse and does not focus on one topic at a time. Special. “

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