English Premier League: The English Premier League will pay 360 million to agents in 2022

theYou Premier League clubs paid 320 million pounds (360 million euros) for agents and mediators between February 1, 2022 and January 31, 2023, the FA reported on Friday.

It was the clubs that spent the most on these payments manchester city, With 51 million pounds and Chelsea who paid 43 million, instead Liverpool Paying $33 million Manchester United 24 million left tottenham hotspur, 16 million and Arsenalanother 16 million.

that The least spender in the premiership was Nottingham Forest, Despite the fact that he incorporated more than 30 players into his team in that period, a little more than that 4 millions. Also marked on the list is Astonvillewith payments of up to 16 million, the Leeds Unitedwith spending of 15 million on those services, and West Ham United teamthat paid 13 million.

In the The lower classes of English football Spending was much less than in the Premier and Second Division. clubs will They spent 36 million pounds, being Burnley and Norwich City Those who paid more, with Four million each.

In the The first league o Third Division clubs They spent 5.5 million pounds In that service, while in The second league (Fourth Division) clubs They paid 1.7 million For agents and brokers, and in National League (fifth division) They paid 600 thousand pounds.

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