Premier League: Bruno’s Leap: From winger in LaLiga to Premier League to making his managerial debut with Chelsea

theTo the “bombing” that supposedly separates him Graham Potter Contain more surprising news if possible: set Bruno Saltor (The Manufactured, 1980) as the interim coach of the “Blues”.

The Spaniard faces his first experience as the “first sword” with the Champions League quarter-final match against him real madrid Right around the corner. His experience in the lair has so far been limited to his role as Potter’s ‘right hand’, First at Brighton and now at Chelsea.

“My role has evolved a lot, very quickly. When I retired Brighton He wanted me to stay and be a kind of link between the dressing room and the coach. However, I began to develop as a coach and joined the “crew” as an assistant. I prepare and lead a large part of the sessions because in England ‘managers’ have many responsibilities and tend to delegate a lot,” he admitted in an interview, a year ago, with Quintana’s list.

I didn’t expect, at the time, what was to come. “Act like a senior coach? You never know. I’m fine in my role. One needs to prepare a lot because it’s very hard work. I’ve always respected him, and now that I’m on the inside, I respect him a lot more. It’s hard work. It’s true that I have a lot of Experience because I’ve been playing for many years and trying to apply my knowledge. We’ll see what the future holds,” he admitted.

Experience, of course, does not decrease. outer right Espanyol, Nestic, Lleida, Almira, Valencia and Brighton He played 420 elite matches – scoring seven goals and handing out 27 assists – before ‘locking his boots’ at the age of 39. He was even linked to Barcelona.

In 2012, it was endorsed by the former Valencia Vincent Rodriguezwhich ended at Falmer: “I was 32 and wanted to finish my career abroad. I was looking for life experience, not just football, and I made a decision that changed my life. Brighton has become almost like my homeland.”

Seven seasons later, in 2019, he said goodbye as captain, with a promotion to premier in the palm of his hand and to thunderous applause: “I would like to be remembered as someone who gave everything on the field. Try to be as professional as possible.”

His beard and his “playlist”. They became a mascot and religion in the Brighton dressing room. Now that you’re a Chelsea manager, try creating a chair out of a chalkboard. He owns and preaches. “Chelsea have great quality and physical strength,” he admitted to “Telemadrid”, who is still Brighton’s assistant, before the quarter-final confrontation between the “Blues” and Real Madrid last year.

Having the ball allows us to defend better

Bruno Saltor

Bruno, immediately “married” Potter: “He’s a genius. He’s a coach with an interesting and hard-working past. He’s clear about his ideals and his tactical references. The consistency and courage with which he conveys them is also important.”

His ‘text’ remains a mystery, but he did hint at some ‘key lines’: ‘Players have, in recent years, developed their physical abilities considerably. That is why it is appreciated that there are teams like Guardiola’s City or Brighton that have a strong taste in possession. Having the ball allows us to defend better.” Your time is now. Bruno’s “jump” has arrived: from right-back to debut as a manager with Chelsea.

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