David Trueba interview: “Distinguishing the rumor mill about Queen Sofia from the truth is complicated”

he Director and writer Journalist, screenwriter and actor David Tripa (Madrid, 1969), for which he won the Goya Award for Best Direction and Screenplay Life is easy with eyes closed He is currently preparing a biopic on Eugenio. You know what I gave… and a documentary about Felipe Gonzalez, He’s already allied with producer W Journalist Jordi Ferreros, Director of the Lavinia Audiovisual production company for the production of documentaries the Holy FamilyAbout the Pujol clan HBO Max. The duo repeats the experience for the same platform, though it now changes the Heroes: They series documentary film Sofia and real lifewhich opens on Friday, June 23.

Q: Docuseries about the Pujol clan, Queen Sofia, Felipe Gonzalez… Are you comfortable with the genre, David?

David Trueba (DT): Yes. In addition, I believe that while information is biased, it should be placed in the context that corresponds to each one and that each one draws the conclusions they want. It was nothing intentional, but they touched my sensitive little strings as a journalist and as someone who believes in his country and that you should write a story that is more ambitious than one based on party ideology. you vote for.

Q: Jordi, because of your press profile, would you be interested in this project

Jordi Ferreros (JF): Absolutely. Storytelling through characters is the dream of those of us who love to tell stories. And if you have heroes like Pujol and his family and Sofia and her family, that’s great stuff. They are fascinating characters in their own right and allow you to delve into history to understand how we got to where we are and how the society we live in was built.

Q: They tell all around the royal family, but they always associate it with Sofia.

DT: We never wanted to take it out on the front. She willingly played a minor background role, the almost static role of the Sphinx and we had to make the opposite effort to put her at the center of critical, conflicted or successful moments. How do you place it and how do you see the main character through it. That was one of the greatest assets of the project. Oddly enough, from this exercise came some facts that were there, but which we did not notice.

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JF: We found out that he wasn’t a negative person. His public stance was in the background, but his role often went much further than that. There are moments when Sofia provides great support and great compass to Juan Carlos. The royal family ensured the continuity of the dynasty. If it were not for her, it is quite possible that the story would have been written differently.

P: Because of this required background, I would imagine it would be difficult to obtain documentation.

DT: Yes, it was difficult to get access to closer testimonies that were based solely on rumors or speculation. And since the royal house has a rule of not publicly denying anything or taking legal action or lawsuits against the media and journalists, anything goes. Distinguishing between the rumor mill and the truth, between urban legend and fact, was complicated. Because they themselves promoted it, it is a form of misinformation, disbelief in things. And not only did you have to get to that circle, you had to detect if there was any kind of cut. Because it has always been said that it was a monarchy without a court, and they are right to some extent. She was very clear that the lineage would continue. Not so much Bourbon, but Greece. There is almost a change in the line of the ruling family that occurs in his personality and that we attended it without realizing it. The Bourbons are part of an eccentric, insane, intellectual, playful, unrestrained family, even to the point of excess, but Sophia makes a very important twist in the text towards King Philip VI, who has a very different personality.

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Jeffrey: His public appearances were made, not stolen. And there was some loot that provoked her, as it was convenient for her. We said it. We have tried to analyze images and sequences that are well known to the general public to understand the context and why Queen Sofia and those around her acted. There are four or five moments that help get a little closer to the character in his public performance and his political performance.

Q: Like the fuchsia you wore to the coronation in complete mourning for Franco. declaration of intent.

JF: That’s one of the points. Another, his public appearance on the occasion of King Juan Carlos’ hospitalization, has complex contexts. Another, the Palma Cathedral incident and the Acts of Protocol, such as the Santiago Cathedral, Welcoming Benedict XVI, which help explain many things if you analyze them carefully.

Q: They also dealt with a huge controversy: the Queen’s statements in Pilar Urbano’s book.

DT: It’s an item that still sparks controversy: knowing how much of Pilar Urbano’s ideology is in the image of the Queen’s opinions. Perhaps the truth is that two people’s agendas coincide at a particular moment and that someone is over-interpreting your views because they sure know them. But there must be a common interest in propagating a theory and in arguing with government, which is probably the greatest danger to the monarchy. When they descend into the political arena, squabbles are always a problem, and if they do, it must be because they have the power to change them and pervert the design of the ballot boxes. And the monarchy knows that he can be above the polls in a symbolic way, but it is not convenient for him to fight them, because when that happens, it comes out very badly.

Q: They don’t want to fall in love with the rumors, so they don’t get wet about whether she has a boyfriend in London.

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JF: We haven’t found any reliable source that tells us reliably about this and other extremes. We also wanted to avoid dramatic and eye-catching points. We think Sophia’s life is already amazing enough to handle with precision. If that fact led us to something relevant, that Queen Sofia’s eventual extramarital affair would have endangered the monarchy, we’d follow that lead. But we didn’t find it. I’m not saying there isn’t one, but we just haven’t found it.

T: During the process of documenting the Pujols, it also happened to us that people including some criminal or personal elements approached us, but we needed to prove it with evidence. Sometimes you have to give up.

Q: They put the spotlight on a character in the shadows. But it could fizzle out if he is kept out of public view.

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DT: Yeah, it’s curious that the history of monarchies usually has those components of one shade over the other. “Juan Carlos plays the role of the most dangerous figure in the Spanish monarchy and the monarchy must protect itself from him. It happened to Alfonso XII with his mother, who did not want to bring her from France, because they had just restored the Bourbon period in Spain and what they recommended was not to appear Isabel in Spain, because it brought a bad vibe.It is strange that the same thing happens 100 years later.I think it even bothers them in a certain way and the less there is, the calmer they are.

JF: There are interviewees who say that Sofia’s presence is reminiscent of Juan Carlos’ absence. At the end of the series, we intend to explain Queen Sophia’s public role now that she’s been wrapped up a bit. Yes, it appears at certain times, but if it appears, we remember where we came from.

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