arctic monkeys | Arctic Monkeys Great Week: What if the heat wave was caused by Alex Turner?

Spain has been devastated for the past two days severe heat wave Which affected the hottest temperatures recorded in the entire historical series. This is what everyone realized. We spent 48 hours suffocating, sweating, and looking for the coolness of the fan or, alas, the comfort of the air conditioning. Madrid has not been spared hot flashes. In fact, more than one person blames DC for this extreme embarrassment, for this nightmare that caused nighttime values ​​to barely drop below 30 degrees. The question runs like wildfire: What if climate change wasn’t (all) to blame? and that is WiZink Center It became a red dot on the map of Spain on Monday and Tuesday. Either way, this unseemly event started around nine o’clock at night. It is a strange phenomenon that actually happened on Saturday at Bilbaoat the place where the event took place BBK Live Festival. Knowing this, it is not difficult to find the common link between these two places separated by about 400 kilometers. What if the heat wave was caused by Alex Turner?

It’s been exactly five years since the last time Arctic monkeys They stomped on the ground in Madrid. At that time, in July 2018, they occupied the front line of the cartel Mad Cool Friday 13th is a date that is forbidden to many, but not to the Sheffield Quartet. They run away from bad luck based on guitar riffs and drum riffs. That night was also so hot, that among the thousands of people who gathered in Valdebebas to hear “Arabella”, “Brianstorm” or “Pretty Visitors”, there were a few shirtless. The aides were desperately searching for a gust of air that slipped into the small space left by the corpses. Once again, Alex Turner appears in the heart of a hot day in Madrid. Too many coincidences.

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Between those monkeys in the arctic and those that filled the old Palacio de los Deportes for two nights in a row, there are many similarities and some differences. At that time, “Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino” (2018) had already seen the light, the first album with this new sound that showed nostalgia for those who, despite a four-year break, could not get past AM (2013). And this is the first thing that hasn’t changed, despite efforts to develop his style: The most sung songs at parties are still the classics. Nothing can compare to the atmosphere created by “I bet you look good on the dance floor”, “Do I Wanna Know” or “505”. Not to mention the song they chose to close out two concerts that put the maximum decibels allowed in trouble. The singles from The car (2022), his latest release, fit in perfectly with the never-misplaced tracklist that seems designed to please everyone.

360 – Masoud

The singer deserves a separate chapterthanks to which the British ensemble fell to many At the top positions in the lists of the best live shows in history. Despite the poor sound of the Madrid winger, he did not disappoint here either. It never fails, as if its interior is governed by the same Swiss watch mechanism. It is not easy to distinguish the recorded voice of Alex Turner from the voice he produces on stage. That hasn’t changed either, it’s a feature of this 20-year-old boy who stood in front of the audience clutching his guitar and trying to create minimal eye contact with his audience. modesty has no effect. Now he loves to look at his fans, interact with them and even break some hearts. Again, it makes the temperature rise. Shame has given way to him Assab seems to be wasted only in its fair limits. in small doses.

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The differences with the artist, who is now thirty-seven years old, are notorious. Not just because of his hair, clothes, or plates, but also because so many people miss that boundless energy he had when he released his first three albums. Suffice it to compare the performances Arctic Monkeys put on at Glastonbury in 2013 and in 2023. Their decade of waiting is too long and many are yearning for more. It’s hard to assume that the voice that made you fall in love, the voice that made you unable to stop listening to the same voice over and over, has changed..

More resistant over time the other three members of the band. Each in their role, always behind Turner’s permanent shadow, they don’t seem to have accepted this minor role poorly. Secondary, but essential. What would the group be without? Matt Helders on drums, Nick O’Malley on bass and Jamie Cook on guitar. Despite the ‘front man’ appeal, there was never any speculation of a solo adventure (aside from his occasional engagements with Miles Kane, a producer who always seemed to aim more to amuse both parties than to conquer the general public). There must be a reason.

Completely full

But this demand of the British public did not spread to Madrid. Fans were happy, elated at times, exhausted at the end, after arctic party at a time when the cold (and a lot) wasted. The group announced just one date in Madrid, but quickly secured a second after available tickets sold out in less than an hour. Expectations were through the roof after a great first night. And again, the saying that second parts are never good has been broken into a thousand pieces.

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Specifically, more than a thousand, it was divided into 21. This was the number of songs selected, A list that most people know very little about. The energy of “why” only calls me when you’re high, “teenage fluorescent” or “do me a favor” was so addictive that many wanted more. They longed to hear “I Wanna Be Yours,” “Dancing Shoes,” or “When the Sun Goes Down.” What is clear is that the question they asked in one of their first singles already has more than one solution. Nobody asked this question anymore after Alex Turner sang it in 2006. Everyone knows “Who the fuck are Arctic Monkeys”.

The curtain has fallen on the Wizink Center and the heat wave is beginning to subside. Values ​​close to 40 degrees are not expected in the coming days, unless Alex Turner feels like turning up the mic again. His fans pass themselves off without complaint. Because scabies gladly do not itch.

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