Employers of El Corte Inglés, Ikea and Carrefour agree with unions to increase wages by 17% in four years

Unions and the Grand National Association of Distribution Companies (Anged), which includes companies such as El Corte Inglés, Carrefour or IkeaAmong other things, they agreed to increase salaries by 17% in four years, as part of the negotiation of the new store agreement, the largest in Spain in terms of its impact. About 260,000 workers.

As reported by the independent trade union federation Fetico (majority federation with 54%) which was accompanied by CCOO, Valorian and UGT at the social table, Salary increase by 17%.14% fixed increase, while the remaining 3% at once.

According to the calendar, in 2023 a fixed 4.5% will be paid, in 2024 a fixed 4.5% will be paid, in 2025 a fixed 3% and in 2026 a fixed 2%. In this way, as pointed out by the general secretary of Fetico, Antonio Perez, supermarket workers fall into Minimum salary of €18,000 at the end of the agreement. “This was our goal and we achieved it,” he said.

Diets and reduce Sundays and holidays

Other agreements reached include an increase in salary concepts such as allowances and vacation package (which increases by 29% to €450) or telework (40% to €35).

Likewise, with regard to the working day, it was decided to reduce work on Sundays and holidays, and reduce the current percentages to 30%. Thus, this will be the agreement of the “retail” sector where Sundays and holidays are worked less in Spain.

Specifically, they will go to work 50% up to 15 slots (two days less than Sundays), from 16 openings to 25 40%, from 25 to general opening 30% and in general, the number of 22 Sundays is added to a free Saturday with one Sunday off.

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This sector Pioneering radical reduction from Sundays to work, and this also encourages an increase in part-time hours, which is one of the diseases endemic to the country’s labor system, ”Perez explained.

Improve reconciliation and permanent employment

In addition, the agreement also improves matchmaking with an eight-hour pass being extended to dependents or people over the age of 70 to accompany them in medical emergencies, as well as an increase from six free Saturdays and Sundays to nine free days. Saturdays a year.

In the same way, the Convention includes aspects related to equality and security of employment or women who are victims of gender-based violence, in the case of transfer They will have 750 euros of assistance.

On the other hand, the Sector Development Observatory will ensure the commitment of A 90% permanent employment And the adequacy of the needs of the sector in the coming years.

“This agreement stands out for being governmental in nature, equating people doing work of equal value, representing an historic increase and positioning us as a benchmark in retail,” said a Sector Schedule spokesperson.

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