The hidden life of Oreste outside Pasapalabra: “I don’t let the show monopolize my life”

popularity password It seems to be a contract according to the audiences of the program that is broadcast every afternoon. One of Mediaset’s most popular formats, which kept its audience hooked on Telecinco night after evening, saw the program leaked after a court ruling that Antena 3 knew how to leverage it to sign off on its broadcasts. Since then, Roberto Leal has taken over as presenter and is one of the audience’s favourites. However, Data would not be what it is without the sympathy of the two stellar contestants: Orestes and Rafa.

One of the determining factors for this leadership is the profile of both. with Orestes As the main contestant, which has already amassed more than 200 programs aspiring to hit the jackpot, the series has been able to find great competitors to promote exciting duels that attract the audience. The two recently stopped by the set of another iconic show on the network to talk about their experiences on the show. That is, although it seems simple what they do after broadcasting, there is a huge amount of work behind it.

Pablo Mutus received Orestes’s ruff as special guests. At the time of the conversation, the presenter was interested in learning more about his methods of study, the answers of which amazed Mutus himself and the audience. Rafa began to answer, who admitted to putting more effort into the studio when he entered, when Orestes had a previous photo shoot: “I spent a few hours between studying and seeing old cakes. About twelve or fourteen hours and no weekends& rdquo;. The contestant even expressed that it’s all about head rhythms and that there are days I “didn’t study it or studied it a little bit.” For him, the key is not in knowing the words, but in remembering when they ask him: “Now I study less, two or three, using the mobile app.”

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For his part, Orestes maintains his own strategies: “The more you build, the more you collect so that new knowledge can be incorporated, it’s not like starting from scratch. If you also have a sense of humor, you can think of more mnemonic rules for you to absorb& rdquo;. The contestant considers it essential to have a good base to know how to face the dynamics of the game and “spend many years with a sixth sense of the dynamics of the game trying to assimilate things” Like his partner Rafa, his study rhythms slowed down: “I have already accumulated so much that what I do Above all, it is to transcend it so that it does not rust and add new things that you find in life.

The rider opened up with Pablo Mutos and explained how he can hold it without losing practice and getting on with his life: “I don’t let show monopolize my life abroad. I don’t stop making whatever plan I feel like, and I don’t stop doing the rest of the things in my life. I I study philosophy there in Pamplona I love it too. On the days when I can go to class, I go to it, and the days when I can take exams, I do. It’s good for me to break away from this vice of collecting data in a vacuum and learning in depth& rdquo;.

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