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Every day, 92 million selfies are taken around the world. And the usual thing is that a few of them get on well (or we just don’t like the way they look). In fact, a study conducted by an American mental health center, The Florida House Experience, concluded that 48% of women and 58% of men need between two and five attempts to find the perfect picture; And about 3% did more than 26 before they were satisfied. What should be considered for the first time out? Lighting, framing, and placement are essential.

Light, natural is better

Experts agree: you should avoid direct sunlight or artificial lighting; The natural and soft picture is best for taking a good selfie. And if it’s early in the morning or at sunset, so much the better. The reason is that with this type of light the face is naturally illuminated, shadows are reduced and uncomfortable effects such as bags under the eyes are avoided. For the same reason, in addition to avoiding spotlights and fluorescent lights, try not to use flashes. A very simple trick is to set the screen brightness to maximum in dark and poorly lit environments so that it gives some light to the face.

And if artificial light is the only option, it is necessary to pay close attention to the direction from which it comes: the flower (from above) creates many shadows and is not catchy, the facade shows more detail and the side produces a sense of more volume.


The angle at which the camera is placed completely changes the selfie: keep in mind that if the camera is placed above the head it creates the effect of big eyes; From below can show the “pig’s nose” effect…

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Although selfies are usually taken holding the smartphone in the hand or with a stick, the frames achieved in this way are not always the best, and it is not aesthetically pleasing to see parts of the arm in the photo or the arm itself sticky For this reason, it is very useful to use a small tripod or something nearby (from a stone to a cardboard box or cup) to support the phone, leaving your hands free and achieving more artistic framing. In this case, it’s interesting to select the wide angle whenever the phone allows, use a timer, and even place the phone upside down to achieve the low angle effect.

Take care of the situation

We must take care of the posture, whether it is of the body or the gesture of the face. Ideally, look relaxed and don’t stiffen or lift your neck (or lower it to avoid the double chin effect): stay straight, legs and arms slightly apart, shift to your side, and just turn your face toward the camera, a few tricks. It’s also great if you narrow your eyes a little so as not to give the impression of a frightened face or to avoid a forced smile, look at “infinity” …

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