English Premier League: Guardiola’s plan: Two more years at City, farewell to Manchester

Pep Guardiola has a firm intention to leave Manchester City within two yearswhen your contract ends. This is it Information published by the British media “The Guardian” This places the Spanish coach’s mid-term future farther away from his current club. The coach, who had just led City to the treble, almost decided it He will leave in the summer of 2025 He ends his term after nine years.

Signed by coach A New contract with the club “Citizen” in November, a decision that raised doubts about whether he would end up doing it. Even his closest entourage wasn’t sure that this would happen. When Guardiola arrived at City in the summer of 2016, there was strong expectation that he would Not to extend his stay for more than three years What’s up next However, everything indicates that he will leave his current club after nine seasons.

Guardiola: “Don’t let Real Madrid gain too much confidence, we are 13 champions away, we go for them”

before the city, Guardiola has coached Barcelona and Bayern Munich. At the time, it was thought that after training in England he would want to Managing a club in Italy To achieve the ambition of taking a seat in the four major leagues. However, with this decision that Everything indicates that he will last two more years in Manchester It is understood that Guardiola has changed his way of thinking. One option might be team coaching.

Pep trusts Gundogan’s renewal

Thinking about the new season at the helm of City, Guardiola hopes to get Gundogan. The player is expected to sign the new contract for a year, with the option to extend it for another year. It is expected that there will be negotiations throughout this week between the German international and the club’s board of directors.

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City Commander, who will turn 33 in October, He is considering an offer from Barcelona, ​​which would offer him three years from the contract. also There is interest from Saudi Arabia In the midfielder whose contract expires this month.

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