Volodymyr Zelensky Calls For Russia To Be Removed From UN Security Council

Zelensky Calls For Russia To Be Removed From UN Security Council

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky asked the United Nations to remove Russia from the permanent seat of the Security Council. This comes after evidence circulated about executions and other atrocities committed by Russian troops in his country.

Zelensky said Russia should be removed from its place as a permanent member of the Security Council, over which it holds veto power, arguing that it was time to reform the global peacekeeping body.

“We are dealing with a country that turns a veto (in) the UN Security Council into a right to die,” Zelensky said in a virtual speech.

“This undermines the entire global security architecture and allows them to go unpunished.” “The main thing is today, it’s time to change the system, the United Nations,” he told the Security Council as quoted from The Hill, Wednesday (6/4/2022).

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Photographs of civilians allegedly killed by Russian forces in the Kiev suburb of Bucha — including at least one person with his hands tied behind his back — show that Russian forces have shot and killed civilians indiscriminately during their occupation of the city.

Satellite images show that bodies were left on the streets for weeks, contradicting Russia’s claim that the photos were fabricated.

The Ukrainian president’s speech was accompanied by a graphic video showing gruesome images of some of the massacres found in Ukrainian cities under Russian occupation.

Among the images included what appeared to be the body of a man at the bottom of a well, the body of a naked child who was blindfolded and lying on top of another corpse, charred bodies piled on top of one another and a trench filled with bodies.

“If there is no alternative and there is no choice, then the next option would be to completely disband,” he said. The Ukrainian president also proposed a global conference to be held in Kiev to discuss reforms at the United Nations.

“It is now clear that the goals set in San Francisco in 1945 for the creation of an international organization of global security have not been achieved, and it is impossible to achieve them without reforms,” ​​he said.

Zelensky detailed some of the most dire circumstances of the victims found on the outskirts of Kiev after Russia’s withdrawal.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky

He said that people were shot in the back of the head after being tortured, some were shot in the streets and civilians were crushed to death in their cars by tanks. “They cut off limbs, slit throats, women raped and killed in front of their children.

Their tongues are plucked out simply because the aggressor doesn’t hear what they want to hear from them,” Zelensky said in his speech.

He also called for a “Nuremberg-like” trial of Russia – a term referring to the international military tribunals held after World War II. “The Russian military, and those who gave the orders must be brought to justice, immediately for war crimes in Ukraine,” he said.

The United States, its allies and other prominent international leaders say the atrocities exposed in Ukraine allegedly committed by Russian forces constitute war crimes, and efforts to document the events are shared with relevant agencies conducting investigations.




These include investigations by the International Criminal Court, the office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine and investigations by other regional countries in eastern Europe.

UN Secretary-General Antóoio Guterres said he had also directed an independent investigation into the atrocities found in Bucha, adding that he was “deeply shocked” by personal testimonies of rape and sexual assault.

“I deeply regret the divisions that have prevented the Security Council from acting not only in Ukraine, but also on other threats to peace and security around the world,” Gutterres said. “I urge the council to do everything in its power to end the war and to reduce its impact both on the people who are suffering in Ukraine and on vulnerable people in developing countries around the world,” he said.

Rosemary DiCarlo, Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs and Peace-building, also updated the council on the latest casualties to come from Ukraine, saying that the UN human rights monitoring agency has confirmed 1,480 civilians have been killed, and 2,195 injured since February 24, but the real figure is far away. higher.

There is no provision or mechanism for removing permanent members of the Security Council written in the UN charter. The five permanent members are Russia, the United States (US), Britain, France and China.

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