Zara Home | A shop has opened in the emblematic Plaza de España

for all Deco world loversZara has very good news. Giant Inditex is launching a new store. Well, rather, a new plant. because now The second floor of the Zara store in the Plaza de España in Madrid It will be dedicated exclusively and exclusively to Home decoration. Welcome to Zara Home in the Plaza de España!

Zara’s expansion continues. The opening of what is already one of the world’s largest stores in Madrid, in the well-known Edificio España, continues to add new features. The 7,700 square meter (3,800 commercial space) central store in addition to being a revolution in exclusive service, technology and sustainability, now adds the fact of incorporating a new department into one of its floors that we know so well and eagerly anticipate: Zara Home.

A total of 1000 square meters of warehouse We will welcome everyone Zara Home News. The second floor of the Zara store in Plaza España will be dedicated to the house. In it, you will find from her beloved the decor items for the living room, furniture that will fill your rooms with elegance, textiles, kitchen appliances, nightgowns and other whims that will make us feel “a beautiful home at home”. In the new Zara Home store you will find it Zara symbolism in Plaza de España (Madrid) You will have the opportunity to find all the files Signature Deco Updatesfor accommodation.

Zara Home will welcome you in the hall that will take you to the perfume collection and the dining room. The crockery and cutlery that will take you to the kitchen. In this space you will find the group Everyday lifeWith everything you need for cleaning and housework. In the dining room you will discover the group furniture Zara Home + by Vincent van Duysen. In this room will also be a file pet collection and special groups to enjoy family entertainment.

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From the bedroom we go to the bathroom where you will find out spa capsules setDesigned to enjoy moments of peace and relaxation at home. In addition, you can also find a section for the newborn, New Baby And a wide range of ideas and proposals for textiles and furniture for the smallest home.

This symbolic space stands out to provide the user with the exclusive experience that we have talked about. In this Zara Home you can brand new Shop & Go TechnologyYou will receive your purchase at your home or at the address of your choice. In addition to accessing files Store Mode This will allow you to check inventory, purchase in the app, and receive the order in the store within an hour. As new, in this Zara Home you can also request an appointment in the same store to be able to enjoy Personal Shopper Service.

With all this, we can only say that we look forward to meeting Exclusive new Zara Home Which we will find on the second floor of the Plaza España store.

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