Zahara: The reggaeton beat is great and I love it, but most of the lyrics are macho

s. reputation It is a strange album in which he presents songs whore With other treatments provided by each guest. Did you want them to weigh more than yourself?

R was found. I didn’t want to make the same record, but with the guests, or redo it for myself. The idea was to listen to the thoughts and voices of others. I wanted to find this diversity of voices, and be some kind of coordinator. The result is a bit schizophrenic, because each of them made their song with complete freedom. It started from my desire to celebrate an album that was so important to my career and take it to another level, more festive, with humor and friendship.

s. whore It wasn’t a record that came out of fun: it talked about abuse, abuse, and bullying directly suffered.

R was found. I am now living it again and it was between six and nine months that I was feeling really bad and sad. Writing it was part of the liberation and agony.

s. And the reputation Was it about leaving it all behind?

R was found. Leaving her behind is dangerous, because you seem to want to escape from problems, and what you need to do is learn to live with the traumas of your life.

Q: The range of this recording is enormous musically, from traditional folk to electronic experiments. Now anything seems possible in Zahraa’s record.

I have this feeling and find it very positive. In Rosalía’s records, for example, there is a mixture and a fusion, and she expresses herself as she wishes without any reservations. This was already happening and is happening more and more, especially with root music. I love that music isn’t a watertight place with rules to follow.

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Q: Here are María José Lergo and Rodrigo Cuevas.

R was found. when you composed The painsFor Rodrigo, he really was my inspiration. I told Marti (Perarnau) that my dream had always been to make a cobla record, and he said to me: “Compose your own cobla. Ah, can you compose a duet? There it is. In Rodrigo and María José, the tradition is very authentic, different references than my grandmother’s.” A new sound emerges from this union, when it seems that music has already been invented.

Q: So Van Gogh is addressing marrow. In favor of blurring borders with a span the current?

R was found. Many people are surprised that they and I are there, because I saw them as a group beyond my reach. But they are amazing people, fans of my music and passionate about songwriting. I have always tried to break prejudices.

s. Remix Ramona By Pretty Pretty 2000, it touches taboo territory: it goes into reggaeton.

R was found. It was fun to see the reactions: “How fun,” It scares me & rdquor; … There were fewer people who were more like “what are you doing ”” you sell yourself to reggaeton & rdquo; … How lost are some people? Reggaeton is not good or bad, it depends on the song, the lyrics and how you spend listening to it. Reggaeton’s condemnation of its existence is a huge mistake.

P. There is a generational split: “This is not music & rdquor ;.

R was found. And I ended up sympathizing with that. The get over Great reggaeton, I love it. And one thing happens, especially to women: most songs are masculine, and you enjoy the song in a certain context and you have to generate guilt and not be able to dance to it. More pressure on us! You’re having a great time, and there must be an experience! It seems terrible to me.

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s. God’s soldiers It’s the only new theme he wasn’t a part of whore.

R was found. I composed it when I was recording the album, but I didn’t understand it in that context because the album is about me, in the first person, and by that I mean what we women experience in general. Because Botha was a revolutionary album, but life goes on the same. There is more talk of masculinity, patriarchy, and mental health, but no changes.

Q: What do you think of the character of Rigoberta Bandini?

R was found. I think it’s cool, I’m part of it as a die-hard fan of Rigoberta! I was already a huge fan of Lots of medications In Spain we call it loneliness It caused me envy, a great desire to write that song. Something was invented and it was necessary for such a profile to appear, so that it would be very original and with a lot of humor.

Q: Was that expected? whore Give a lot of talk and make a lot of noise?

R was found. When I wrote songs, I got my story right, and I worked with my psychiatrist to stop worrying about what other people might think. Later, the cover is taken and manipulated, and they talk about what a political party cares about. I had to go back to the psychiatrist and it was very painful. Above all, there were a lot of people who hated me for something they made up. Because there was provocation on this cover, but to invite a conversation about manhood. They hated me for calling a virgin a whore, when I didn’t.

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Q: You mean Fox. Do they keep referring to it?

R was found. I don’t even mention them. I do not know. I have already lived bullying In school, and now I have to live this other bullying the inability to express myself and mldr; Honestly, it’s scary.

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