“Your position is crucial to the recovery of the Spanish economy”

“To you businessmen and entrepreneurs who are accustomed to taking risks and managing available resources in the best possible way, I encourage you to continue working in the same line For the good of our society. Your position is decisive in the recovery of the Spanish economy.” His Majesty praised, on Wednesday, the key role of businessmen in overcoming the economic turmoil of recent months, during his speech at the Extraordinary Assembly of the Spanish Chamber held in Madrid.

In front of an audience of dozens of businessmen, including the First Vice President of the Government and Minister of Economic Affairs, Digital Transformation and Business Support, Nadia Calvino; Secretary of State for Trade Ziana Mendez; CEOE Chairman, Antonio Garamendi; Or the President of Aina, Maurice Lucena, Felipe VI emphasized the value of the Chamber of Spain as a model for successful cooperation between the public and private sectors and as a key institution for the structuring of Spain.

After a few days of businessmen being in the spotlight due to attacks from certain areas of the government, the President of the Chamber of Spain announced, Jose Luis Bonnet, who has risen to the fore to defend the role of businessmen in the prosperity of the country, used his role as host to highlight the fundamental importance of the country’s business fabric to the Spanish economy to save the crisis resulting from the pandemic without serious injuries. “This was largely thanks to the flexible attitude of Spanish companies They acted as the best social shield In troubled times.”

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Punnett noted that it is “fair” to thank and appreciate the work of thousands of businessmen “who devote their time and resources to the public interest of the country and the creation of jobs and welfare for the citizens.”

Calvino is optimistic: ‘We can’t be stopped’

The first vice president of the government, Nadia Calvino, focused on improving the performance of the Spanish economy. He considers that the economy has gained competitiveness in recent months thanks to lower energy prices compared to other countries and that the recovery plan has boosted the economy and employment to previously unseen levels. In this sense, he stressed that the deployment of the reforms and investments expected in the plan financed with European funds would allow an increase of between 2.7 and 3 points in the Spanish GDP.

He also praised the labor reform and its positive effects on the economy. “our Young people leave due to a lack of work and very low wagesCalvino analyzed, who sees that the government has taken appropriate steps so that young Spanish talents do not go to Germany and the United States.

He stressed that “we have social peace and legal security, and if we work together, we cannot be stopped.”

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