Your last wish | Sanchez Drago left a safe before dying of semen and hair because of what could happen

Fernando Sanchez Drago He died on Monday at the age of 86 suddenly at his home in Castilfrío de la Sierra, in Syria. Whether the writer was okay or so reflected on his social networks, in which he posted content before he died of a heart attack.

man has more than Published 40 bookswho went around the world and also noticed sexual controversy, showed that he is a truly far-sighted person; Since he left everything ready for him when the time of his death came. from coffin Even the inscription that went on his book to forbidare some details that painted a part of this author’s character that was hitherto unknown: an expectation such that more than one person would find it difficult to confront him.

However, what attracted the most attention was it security Which he left behind before he left, where he kept various things like Hair, teeth, sweat and semen.

why did you do it?

According to sources close to the writer, it seems that he did it for his own sake Fear of someone spoiling their corpse. A man who had traveled halfway around the world and met all kinds of people, was afraid that someone would look up to him to ask him. Postmortem paternity testsAs it happened to the famous painter Salvador Dali.

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It is true that in some of his writings Sanchez Drago has already shown his way of being. In one of them he went so far as to assert I was scared that the same thing that happened to Dali will happen to him and he is allowed to see through it Chances were that he had some paternity that he didn’t acknowledge.

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However, this gesture Surprised Not only to those who know the writer at least a little, but also to his close friends and relatives who did not expect how account can become.

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