Your better half is waiting for you at Bagones de ouigo for San Solterín day

Owegoa low-cost rail operator From the French company SNCF, it presents its customers with an offer to celebrate Saint-Sulterine.

the date Valentine’s Day Just around the corner and with it that moment when all couples make romantic plans in the meantime Social networks are filled with hearts.

Are you single and don’t have a plan? This is what Ouigo offers you. To celebrate Saint Solaire Next Monday, February 13th. The railway company has created the first ‘speed dating’ at 300 km/h where they can have as much or more fun as those who They plan to couple.

Unique experience where the participants will have fun Meeting like-minded people in a High speed quote From madrid or barcelona then ends with lunch Where do you continue to meet people from another city.

And it is that OUIGO knows that long distance relationships It can be complicatedSo far, you have the opportunity to interview Half an orange who only lives in Two and a half hours.

How can you participate?

Yes are you single and would like to join us Speed ​​datingAnd You just have to write it in a direct message between drOn the 2nd and 8th of February 2022, To our Instagram channel @OUIGO_es and tell them a little bit about yourself.

Tell them about yourself

  • Who are you

  • Where do you live

  • What type of profile are you looking for?

  • your interests

  • You should write to them why you are the ideal candidate for them to choose you

  • You should add Also some story Or a story that actually describes youHelp the team So they can choose you.

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Once you sign up, stay tuned because From February 8, 2022 They will connect with selected profiles even if you are still willingOr live this special Speed ​​datingAnd Confirm your participation.

Remember, next Sunday, February 13, Saint-Solterin and two routes: Madrid – Zaragoza and Barcelona – Zaragozaspeed dating and you just might meet your better half!

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