You won’t get dust at home: an Aldi invention for only 3 euros

Bazaar section ALDI Every week he surprises us with very useful news for Homepage. This week we can find a perfect product for Keep the house free of dust. In addition, it also protects from wind and cold. It is located around a Base to be placed at the bottom of the door Entry and costs less than 3 euros. We’ll see its properties and how you should put it to insulate your floor from the outside.

This simple item will save you hours of cleaning since then It will prevent dust from entering the house Through the small gap under the door.

Aldi . Door Insulation Panels

. buffer base door It can be very useful for saving files Protected house against wind, dust and cold. It measures 95 cm and can be cut to fit your doors. It is sold in four different colors: brown, gray, white and beige. In addition to its usefulness, this socket is distinguished by its low price. It only costs 2.99 euros.

This insulation board will also help you Energy saving due to It will better maintain the temperature inside the house, whether in winter or summer, and prevent cold or heat from outside from entering your home.

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