You won’t believe it: What happened in this Mercadona lane is going viral

The Marriage proposals They are (or should be) very special moments that are remembered forever. There are those who prefer it to be an intimate act, remaining only in the memory of the spouses, and those, on the contrary, There are those who prefer to declare their love for the four winds And make a style statement in front of many people. It is this last option that is chosen by the protagonist of this tale, who asks his girlfriend for her hand in Mercadona Passage.

The man in question enters the establishment, going into the perfumery area where his fiancée works when he surprises him with a band of prickly pears and they start singing. To the expectation of the crowd, the man takes out the ring and kneels. Shocked, the woman puts her hands over her face, but then throws herself into the arms of her future husband and everything seems to point to her telling him that she wants to marry him.

Some of those present at the request said: “Oh my God!” Others, on the other hand, didn’t give credit and repeated, “I don’t see this as normal, I don’t see this as normal.” Meanwhile, the tuna continued to sing, and everyone exclaimed: “Long live friends!”

A surreal performance of a marriage proposal

There are scenes from everyday life in it Reality exceeds imaginationand this is one of them: the request for hand registered yesterday in Fortuna (Murcia) could have been directed by José Luis Cuerda, but it is a figment of imagination An unknown young man, with some friends, created an unprecedented show to propose to his partner.

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In the video recording the events, a group of men can be seen carrying a coffin through the streets of Fortuna at around 9:00 pm on October 13. When they reach the entrance to Avenida Salvador Allende, the bells begin to ring. Parade marching drums that the municipal band Fortuna is playing live (to which the young man belongs), and dFormal file up to the bar’s balcony Where is it intended? During the procession, the groom’s friends go accompanied by friends and acquaintances Who record the scene with their phones and march to the beat of the music.

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But when the coffin is placed on the ground, in front of the bride and the local patrons, that’s when it happens. The most ridiculous scene in the sequence: from the stairs come The groom is dressed as Darth Vader (a well-known character from the Star Wars saga) while The band plays “The Empire March” And start at Parade and dance in front of the bar terrace.

After showing a chalkboard reading “I wish you’d tell me no,” the lover takes off his mask in front of his partner’s eyes, half surprised and excited, and kisses her to begin the next chapter: A Capella Performance of “Can’t Help Falling In Love” Written by Elvis Presley accompanied by the live band revealing the feelings of the bride.

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