You received Bizum by mistake: so you can tell if they are trying to scam you

It’s nothing new that Bizum, the pay-as-you-go system, is so trendy: it already exists More than 10 million users In Spain. It is used more and more and, therefore, transfers more money, in fact, the platform has already had to deny that it will be paid. Now, in addition, it is a good mine for scammers: as its popularity grows, so does its fraudulent use.

Service created in 2016 to allow payments between individuals and businesses, It rebounded in 2019 in cooperation with Spanish banks. In this sense, most banks and entities are already integrating the service into their apps and websites. But criminals are creating more and more ways to carry out scams through this service.

However, many times certain things can happen that make us think so We are a victim of cybercrime, Even if it is not the case in the end. This could be someone’s case I accidentally sent you Bizum. The user’s surprise usually leads to the fact that, out of morality, they immediately return that wrong payment, but the trap can be found there.

Verify that the amount has been deposited

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It is important to remember that money transfers in Bezoom immediately, So in addition to the letter, the amount should appear Registered in your bank account. The first thing you should do is access your bank’s app and try to determine the said amount, With Bizum matter concerned. The next recommendation is Search your contact list to the person who made the shipment. In case you can’t find it, you may be experiencing one of the first indications that they are trying to scam you.

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Wait for the person to call you back

As Bizum explains on their help page, sending money to another user can not be canceled, So the solution is to contact the other person and ask them to return it to you. So, in case it was wrong, the source of the money He must find a way to talk you into getting his money back. However, the service also states that you can also contact your bank and see what possibilities exist.

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