You must be connected to the same Wifi network to use the same Netflix account

The company has been announcing the change for months, with the sole purpose of it Increase the number of subscribers. In this sense, the streaming platform has more than 230 million customersbut it is estimated that more than 100 million profiles subscriber with the non-living.

for you The subscriber retention strategy runs across two fronts. The first, consisting of new plansand the second, which will put an end to Share an account. In countries like Chile, Costa Rica and Peru, it already is Procedure And it will be a matter of time Come to Spain.

basic plan

This is the new plan actually Netflix shows. It is available to all users, however It is not necessary to have it. He is one of them among all who platform progress. The new basic plan contains:

  • fees 5.49 euros per month

  • Advertising

  • Use is limited to one device

  • You have Limited contents

in spite of that basic plan Netflix continues with the initiative to move forward and that Users cannot share accounts with each otherYes, only if you have it The exception that the platform will make. We still don’t know him How much will this plan charge per month?

Use the same wifi

New Netflix Terms

The Company understands that access may be blocked on devices using your account in other locations.

the “main site What will Netflix take? It is the main place where you will consume its contents And it is associated with Your home Wi-Fi network and devices connected to it. All the connected devices For Wi-Fi at your main location you will be able to use the platform. with the Changes to the new plan to be established NetflixAnd You will not be able to share accounts with your cousin or uncle. any Anyone in your household can use your Netflix account. To make sure your devices are linked to your primary site, you’ll need to Connect them to your main location’s Wi-Fi, Open the app or website and see some connection at least every 31 days.

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Code verification

Users will have Link the account to a home, that is, to a Wifi network. In the event that it is detected that the use has started from another place “continuously”, it will be possible to verify this “external” device by means of a code.

Netflix will send a file Link to the email address or the phone number associated with the primary account holder with a Four digit number To be entered within 15 minutes. If it expires, you will have to order a new one. Once verified, this device can be used to watch Netflix, though From time to time a new verification is required.

The company has not indicated if this is possible Use two devices Fixed at the same time and does not specify how much game time also Access They are needed to determine that the device is suspicious.

Devices you use Netflix on

company Make it clear that tablets or cell phones You won’t need to check, though Location change. The only thing they added is just that You will need to call once a month in Wi-Fi network From home to where you are associated subscription.

If I have a second residence

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If you are a Netflix user and have A second homeyou must confirm with verification processn that the device you are using is yours. This way you can prevent it from existing The platform that blocks your profile to call from Another Wifi that is not the main one.

Add an extra person on our Netflix plan

company Recommend that we consider adding an additional member to the account, because Account holders who have a standard or premium plan Netflix can be shared with a person Don’t live with them for less to basic plan Add an additional member.

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