You Have To Be A Man To Carry A Briefcase, by Patricia Centeno

To hold a bag, skirt, heels, painted nails or eye line …

June 2023. Two Betis players, Borja Iglesias and Aitor Roibal, received a wave of criticism for going to a wedding with a suitcase. Download the first one Dior design, worth 3,500 euros second, Authentic Alexander McQueen handbag, €1,290. The rebuke did not allude to the price of the accessory nor to the typical ingenuity that accompanies footballers (this obsession is not with design but rather with branding that defines the nouveau riche so well). Along with the pink hair and painted nails of one of them, those bags have once again unleashed a wave of homophobic comments, and if you’ll excuse me, always with that misogynistic tinge…

There is no natural relationship between dress and femininity or masculinity. The way clothing denotes femininity or masculinity varies from culture to culture. While in the West pants were associated with men and until the 20th century it was indecent for women to wear them, In the Middle East, they were worn interchangeably. Instead, the skirt and dress have been worn by both men and women for centuries.

And it is that if we compare the current clothing with the classical, medieval or modern civilizations, we will notice that never before in the history of clothing has there been such a clear distinction between the sexes. The distinction between men and women was not as important as that of class until the beginning of the eighteenth century. For example, by the end of the fifteenth century, fashionable costume had become so fanciful and ornate that it was difficult to distinguish a man from a woman from afar. Hats, high heels, colors (pink was considered the color of power) and prints, wigs with impossible hairstyles and makeup were characteristic of both sexes.

But even as male aristocrats adorned themselves more than female ones, fashion was no longer associated with femininity. Already in those times the danger of feminization was indicated. Being female didn’t make sense today (gay)It was only warned that if they became effeminate and armed with the beauty of clothes and the care of their bodies, they would not save or invest in military defense or want to go to war…

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Today, in general, women can masculine our clothing and behavior without criminal or reputational problems, as was the case just a few decades ago. “Transsexuals & rdquo; It only applies to a man dressed as a woman, not the other way around. Because men are still trying to normalize that the bag does not define their sexuality. From an early age, girls have more space to explore masculine forms than boys to practice feminine aesthetics or sports because the masculine is still given more hierarchical value than the feminine.

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And by mimicking the style, the charm is recognized by the wearer. Just as women admired the advantages (rights) conferred by impersonating a man (despite the marginalization it entailed in his day), the majority of men still don’t dare because they find no great benefits in feminizing their style (variety and sensibility still remain. Not a great asset in this patriarchal system).

But this sensitivity to adoption and adaptation to softer, more delicate forms or simply culturally forbidden to the male by the fact of being associated with the feminine tends to play out in the eyes of the heterosexual woman. Attraction factor similar to what happens when A man He abandons the strong old man model and cooks, cooks his dog, combs his daughter’s hair, Get excited about a scene from a movie, push a stroller or go shopping. relationships become healthier and less susceptible to toxic, heteronormative stereotypes of domination and imposition; Tenderness, caring and tact are the most motivating qualities. but sure, You have to be very masculine (poorly emasculated) to be feminine.

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