You don’t know what to do | The final trick is so that the white rice does not clump

The making of white rice seems to have no mystery, but it is very common for it to be baked or kneaded. If this happens to you, there is an infallible trick so that this does not happen. With one gesture you will miss it and delicious. In addition, it is important rice selection. In general, round or short rice tends to clump more because it is designed for recipes that require more broth to make paella, rice with chicken, rabbit, or other types. However, for plain white rice, long rice usually works best because it doesn’t stick much.

If you want to make loose white rice, there are two keys: Amount of water and olive oil.

  1. On the one hand, when you start making rice, you usually add a tablespoon of olive oil along with a clove of garlic to give it flavor. Once the garlic is golden you should add the rice and (attention) stir well in the oil until the grains are soaked. This gesture makes the rice greasy and not sticky so easily.

  2. On the other hand, the amount of water is important. It is usual to pour two cups of water for one of the rice, but if what we want is to keep it loose, it is better to increase the amount of water. A good proportion would be a cup of rice for two and a half or three of water.

The most convenient Don’t flip the rice so it doesn’t break cooking. You’ll know it’s ready when a few small holes are made on the surface. At this point, the fire should be turned off and left to rest with the heat until the water evaporates.

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Once the rice is cooked, the options for eating it are endless.

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