You don’t know what to cook | Delicious microwave cheesecake you can make in just 5 minutes

there The classic dessert that is a tradition in many homes, This is cheesecake. This is delicious Both kids and not kids love it, and it’s classic to put an end to family dinners. However, the rush and lack of time for the current pace of life Impulsivity and lack of time from the current pace of lifelead to it We don’t have enough time to spend quiet time in the kitchen preparing this dish.

yesI love pastriesBut you don’t have time to get your hands on the dough and follow those endless recipes, there is a solution To satisfy your taste buds and fight the clock: the microwave.

Many people think that the microwave It is nothing more than a tool for heating up already cooked food, but nothing could be further from the reality. Well used, a microwave can prepare many recipes in a very short time, Which makes it a very convenient aid when cooking. Here we leave you four recipes for preparing outrageously good biscuits and cakes.

Microwave Cheesecake Ingredients:

70 grams butter

A package of Maria’s cookies

4 packs of spreadable cheese

Half a cup of sugar

2 eggs

Microwave cheesecake step by step

First, we pass a pin through the cookies, so that they turn into crumbs. Heat the butter in the microwave for 30 seconds. And when it is liquid, we pour in the biscuit crumbs and mix.

Now we spread The mold is suitable for the microwave with a little butter and the bottom is covered with biscuit doughwith pressure until you get a base.

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in another bowl, We beat the cheese and sugar. Add eggs one by one and mix well. Then we pour it into the mould.

After that, we put it in the microwave for 3 minutes at maximum power, so that the cake is well cooked. Finally, we take out, disassemble and decorate to our liking with strawberry jam, For example, caramel, some lemon slices or some red fruits.

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