You can win up to 150,000 euros

02/28/2023 at 6:20 PM.

If you are one of the people who still have Peseta Despite the fact that they can no longer be exchanged for euros, this interests you. You probably have one Unknowingly high value coin.

The pesetas began to be issued from 1868 to 2001, which is why many of them, especially the oldest ones, are considered real antiquities.

The 100 peseta coins deserve special attention, and are highly valued among collectors. They are frequently sold on auction portals such as Foronum, Catawiki, Ebay or Etsy and some have sold for as much as 150,000 euros.

The most valuable are coins 100 pesetas from 1870. They are very difficult to find because only 12 coins of this type were in circulation that year. It is the most expensive currency. Its price could even go up 150,000 euros.

The coin in question was minted during the provisional government after the fall of Elizabeth II and features the official royal coat of arms and the effigy symbolizing national sovereignty.

The most expensive is 100 pesetas

  • From 1870

  • From 1897

  • the eighties

  • From 1966

  • From 1983

For the rest of the coins, the rate drops to 3000 (as in 1897). It is easier to find those that correspond to the last decades of the twentieth century. in order to 1980 You can win about 500 euros. It shows the face of King Juan Carlos I.

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Case of the 100 peseta coin 1966. They are priced between 200 and 230 euros and are valuable due to the relevant manufacturing error per year. Specifically, the number 69 appears in one of the stars instead of 66.

These coins are expected to increase in value over time, as the more years pass until auction, the older and more unique they become.

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