Yolanda Diaz wants to end the rise of SMI on Tuesday with the support of UGT and CC.OO. CEO contradictions

The Minister of Labor, Yolanda Diaz, has called a meeting next Tuesday morning with the CEOE and CC.OO. And the UGT – as confirmed by the ABC – to try to persuade employers to raise the occupational minimum wage (SMI) to 1,100 euros per month. A recent report by experts hired by the ministry itself indicates an increase of between 1,046 and 1,082 euros (in fourteen installments) for this year. Yolanda Diaz commented that she was in favor of raising the SMI for 2023 “towards the upper section” of the Expert Committee’s recommendation, which would increase this minimum income by 8.2%, up to 1082 euros in total in 14 retroactive payments. Currently 1000 euros. In the previous meeting, on December 21, the CEO stood up and just sent a document with his proposal. The government took to the negotiating table those recommendations made by the expert committee which propose an increase of between 4.6% and 8.2%. That is, between 1046 and 1082 euros per month for fourteen payments. CC.OO. He chose the top of this range, 1,082 euros, with the possibility of extending it to 1,100 euros, a figure called for by the UGTT. For their part, the employers proposed in that document an increase of 4%, up to 1040 euros in a total of 14 payments. Second level meeting Not attending the meeting will be, according to various sources consulted, the “first swords” of the unions and employer Unai Sordo, Pepe Álvarez and Antonio Garamendi. Last Wednesday, Minister Yolanda Diaz had already advanced that she would summon business and unions “immediately” to a new meeting of the dialogue table to address the increase in the minimum wage. A day earlier, Pepe Alvarez, General Secretary of the General Confederation of Workers, said it was “unfortunate” that the government continued without specifying the amount of SMI for 2023 one week after the end of January. And this past Monday, the Secretary General of CC.OO. Unai Sordu also called on the government to resolve the issue of increasing the minimum wage “immediately” so that it would appear updated in the January payrolls. More information Businessmen plant Diaz but propose an increase in SMI to a maximum of 1,040 euros The second vice-president and Minister of Labor defended that SMI is the “most effective” measure to get out of the crisis and “compensate for the loss of purchasing power” experienced by families. But First Vice President and Economy Minister Nadia Calvino warned this week that “raising the minimum wage must be compatible with job creation.”

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