Yoga | This is how your body changes when you do yoga: more enjoyable sex, weight loss, and less stress

Many people who come to the practice of yoga think about improving their mental health. It is true that yoga produces a Reduced stress, increased well-being and more relaxationbut it also produces a plethora of physical benefits that can help us improve our bodies.

As the book indicates Yoga as medicineAnd Eastern cultures have been using this discipline for thousands of years to increase people’s well-being, which has been reflected in increased longevity and improved physical shape. Yoga is Perfect exercise for total body improvementfrom improving the immune system to increasing strength or losing weight.

You breathe more and better

The first thing you learn when you start doing yoga is to breathe properly, which we don’t do as naturally as we think. In this practice, abdominal breathing is key, as you inhale through the nose, bring air into the abdomen, and exhale through the mouth, doing the reverse course, when we normally inhale through the mouth. This breathing increases cellular oxygenation with all the benefits that that entails; It improves blood circulation, relaxes muscles, and balances heart rate.

Moreover, according to a report published by Ball State University in 2000, Practicing yoga not only makes you breathe better, but also makes you breathe more It increases lung capacity, ie the largest amount of air we can exhale.

Strengthening the immune system

Yoga is proven to help reduce the level of cortisol, which is known as the panic hormone because it causes us all stress-related problems. But in addition to causing anxiety or stress, A high level of cortisol leads to poor mood, weight gain, and a weakened immune system. So by lowering your cortisol level, you can improve your immune system.

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Flexibility, balance and resistance

Yoga is an ideal tool for developing or restoring the body’s natural movement and flexibility. Indeed our body is already ready to move, to be flexible and resistant, but after spending half a life sitting it loses all these qualities and we need activities to bring them back to us. Yoga asanas – as we know them as postures – are designed to lubricate our joints And tighten the muscles in a healthy way, which increases their flexibility.

Many of these poses, called balances, work specifically to balance the body because they force us to carry ourselves on our arms or on one leg, for example. That’s why it’s important Not only good body alignment, but working on the mind-body connection To maintain balance which increases this quality.

Stronger muscles and bones

Although it may not look like it, yoga is an aerobic exercise, that is, it is designed to increase our strength using our own body weight. Asana costs, and whatever costs It makes us develop more strength and toned muscles. This will not only improve our physical appearance, but also prevent injuries, prevent diseases like arthritis, and protect bones.

Unlike work done in gyms, yoga prevents lactic acid from building up in the body so there is no stress or soreness and it does not reduce flexibility, allowing us toThey have more beautiful and stylized muscles. As if this were not enough, this regimen has also been shown to be beneficial for the bones as it prevents the loss of bone density.

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Weight loss

Like any other physical exercise, Yoga promotes maintaining a healthy weight. But, in addition, as confirmed by the magazine Evidence-based complementary and alternative medicineThis system also favors weight loss that keeps the body in constant physical activity but that does not cause stiffness. With this, being active is more enjoyable and the body asks for repetition.

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In addition, yoga favors other healthy lifestyle habits such as relaxation, increased hours of sleep, or a good diet, which affects your health Lose weight and improve vitality.

Having sex is more enjoyable

According to Harvard Medical School, yoga is not only good for physical and mental health, but also for sexual health. Through a study, they confirmed this Increases arousal and sexual desire in general among women who practice it. Moreover, for these women it is Easier to reach orgasm and achieve sexual satisfaction. But most importantly, it helps people get to know their bodies more, which increases confidence and comfort during sex.

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