Writer Salman Rushdie and post-traumatic stress disorder: “I sit down to write and nothing happens”

Writer Salman Rushdie, who was stabbed to death by a fanatical Muslim last August, feels Unable to write at the momentAside from having a nearly paralyzed hand, something is preventing him from typing on the computer.

In his first 20-page interview since the attack, published this Monday by The New Yorker weekly, Rushdie, 75, said his creativity, which never faltered even after writing The Satanic Verses — the novel that got him executed by the Iranian regime — I am deeply moved now.

“I have something called post-traumatic stress disorder. I am having a very difficult time writing. I sit down to write, and nothing happens. I write, but it’s a mixture of emptiness and waste, things I write and erase the next day.“.

The sensation of sitting and waiting for inspiration seems “frustrating”, although thanks to the therapist he’s been with since before the attack, it’s very clear he doesn’t intend to “take on the role of the victim”.

Rushdie’s latest novel — “Victory City,” which was finished before the attack — goes on sale worldwide on Tuesday, and this time there will be no campaign launch on his part, but He does not rule out going to London soon for the premiere of a play It still hangs titled “Helen”, about the figure of Helen of Troy.

The writer, as described by the author of the lengthy article, David Renick, lost vision in one eye, and the full picture that illustrates the article shows him wearing dark glasses to hide the affected eye, which does not preclude his appreciation. The long scar that runs across one side of his face from top to bottom.

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the More than ten stab wounds That the attacker had also given it to him left his left hand almost useless, the ulnar nerve badly damaged and two fingers and part of his palm lost feeling. All of this prevents him from typing, and when it comes to typing by hand, he says he types “slower”.

He cannot write, but he has not lost his eloquence

Not only He lost 20 kilograms after the attack and one of her eyesand he has mobility issues in his left arm, but now he’s suffering from a Involuntary movement of the lip Which, fortunately, does not prevent him from “speaking as eloquently as ever,” as the author insists.

Rushdie set aside a project he had for a future novel inspired by Franz Kafka and Thomas Mann at the same time, and although at first he was “troubled” by the idea of ​​writing about the attack itself, he now doesn’t judge out, thinking it should be a first-person story.

As for his security, Rushdie, who abandoned him after moving to New York nearly two decades ago, now He admits he’ll have to think about it. For the time being, after his first six weeks in the hospital, he was living confined to his home, except for frequent visits to different doctors.

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“I’ve had nightmares that tend to be lessening. I’m fine, I’m able to get up and walk. When I say I’m fine, I mean there are parts of my body that need constant monitoring. “It was a massive attack,” the writer said.

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The trial of its attacker, Hadi Matar, is expected to begin next year. He risks 25 years in prison for attempted second-degree murder, plus another 7 years for stabbing Henry Reese, another writer who tried to stop his attack on Rushdie (and may have saved his life by doing so).

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