World Cup 2022 Qatar: From the Simpsons’ prediction … to the Chelsea’s prophecy: world champion Ziyech?

And thein collective memory Simpsons predictions on the mathematical, social and political level … In which the popular TV animated series succeeds with very relevant events. So far we haven’t fallen, but ‘SPORTbible’, on his Instagram, has set us on a course Another prediction may have already decided who will be the world champion in Qatar 2022.

And that, coincidentally or not, since the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, this player with the number that coincides with the year of the World Cup has managed to raise the title of the most coveted national team.

Juan Mata did it “after the fact.”it’s the truth. He arrived at Chelsea in August 2011, from Valencia. in “the blues” I saw the 10 on his shirt… In which World Cup did the Spanish international win? Right, 2010 disputed in South Africato achieve the only star in Spain.

In 2014, the Chelsea “Prophecy”. It just got a little bigger. Coincidence again? Maybe. Schurrley, the German international who wore number 14 in his Stamford Bridge kit… lifting the World Cup in 2014, the version that was held in Brazil.

There is no two without three… and in 2018 such a coincidence happened again. The world champion that year will be the player who Outlet with “Blues” number 18. Olivier Giroud, introduced on January 31, 2018 As a new footballer at Chelsea, he was raising the scepter of the world in Russia as a member of the French team.

Who wears No. 22 this season at Chelsea? He seems like a clear candidate to be world champion. For the time being, before the last semi-final match takes place in Qatar 2022 on Wednesday, the “prophecy” still stands. And it is that this number in “The Blues” is worn by … Hakim Ziyech is one of the amazing stars of Moroccochoosing who will play the pass to the Grand Final against France.

Coincidence or not, it seems that Chelsea wearing the number that coincides with the year in which the World Cup is held is lucky. Keeping the “prophecy” alive in Qatar 2022? If so, in Morocco They will have a lot to celebrate.

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