wood trick | How to hide a blow from wood and leave it as new with these three tricks

the wood It is one of the material par excellence in what decoration indicates. However, because it is an organic substance, it has a need Ongoing care to avoid its deterioration and Keep this color that I give you character and strength.

to have wood He is well taken care of, and there are many tricks we can use to let him go Like just bought. Everyone who has a child has a child At home knows the great benefit of mineral oil and its beneficial properties for mitigation Skin blemishes and irritations. But in addition to good properties, it has many benefits. for various cleaning activities for home. One of them is use it to wood. Although not recommended, it is very useful to smooth the material.

Wood tricks

1. Repair bumps in the wood

Another trick to use Alcohol, sulfur and sandpaper. To repair the damage that could have been done to him Blow or crack we can use this trick who shared a DIY account on TikTok.

From the account, they also make sure that this trick, no matter what Do it with the three materials Referenced above, confirm that you can do this with an iron and water.

  • The first thing to do Doing a pour of alcohol in the bug that we want to fix

  • the next, We will pass the match wood

  • Finally, with Sandpaper help we will try Leave it on par with the rest of the wood.

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2. Oil on wood – shine –

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Wood can be restored Use mineral oil For opaque furniture polish and Leave them shiny Pass the impregnated cloth over oil and pass it on the surface Gently scrub the wood.

3. Remove mold from wood

Outside home or rooms with high humidity Perfect looking nests from mold. If anything appears wooden stain MoldDon’t worry, soak a piece of cloth with it pure ammonia Diluted with a little water can be restored. rub lightly On the affected area, the spot will disappear gradually disappear. The process can be repeated several times that are considered appropriate.

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